LL Bean 25% off Sale

I wanted to share this sale since it's only live for today! LL Bean has some amazing items -- something really for everyone in your family (or yourself!) and it's all 25% off with the code "SAVE25"

I rounded up my favorites down below!

1. Boat and Tote (open top / zip top): 
The boat and tote bags are some of my all-time favorite bags and they range from $24-$40 so they are actually the perfect gift for anyone on your list! We have the zip-top XL with regular handles and we use it for everything. It's the best carry-all bag and is awesome for traveling (the XL fits under the seat). We love these so much we gave them away to our family at the wedding!

If you want to customize it, you can add a monogram for just $8!

2. Wicked Good Slippers (regular / plaid)
There is a good reason these are some of their best selling slippers! They are insanely warm and soft and are the perfect holiday/lounge around the house footwear. We've given these to parents (MIL and FIL!) and Andrew and I even have a pair ourselves. They are so good

Ah, the creme de la creme of LL Bean. These boots will last you for LIFE (and through every season in between!).

I personally have and love the 8" boot as it makes 100% sure no wet ankles.

For those who want the look of Bean Boots but also the warmth needed for the ideal winter boot.

These are the preppiest Bean Boots you can get! I have them in a red plaid and they are my favvv.

I got these for my Bean Boots originally but found I love to use them in a ton of my other boots too for that extra layer of warmth!

Random, I know... But we got these in an LL Bean gift and we LOVE them. Seriously, Andrew and I fight over who's socks are whos. They stay up so well and really mold to your feet. 

Tell me this is not the comfiest looking robe you have ever seen. I feel like this is THE ideal gift for moms who are always cold.

My favorite everyday pullover. It's super warm, simple and cute!

The classic cable-knit fisherman sweater is a must-have in everyone's closet! It's so fun to layer and it's a seriously timeless piece. 

For those who love the look of the classic fisherman sweater but want a more feminine silhouette, this is the sweater for you! It's the perfect tunic length. 

I got this earlier in the year for an LL Bean event and it has since become my go-to raincoat! Perfect for any college student, I would have loved this in college (even more than I do now!).

I know I've talked about a lot of white jeans here on the blog but these are far and away the best pair I own. So much so, I have two pairs! They are just the perfect, true white jean that does not stretch out!!

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