Fur Trim Cape for Winter

Believe it or not, I truly do not own many black items in my closet. I know they are a staple to have but I've always been really turned off by them. I think because everyone has it -- the black coat, the black top, the black shoes... I guess I never really wanted to blend in! That or I just hate it showing pet hair...


Ellen Tracy: Wool Blend Cape Coat with Faux Fur Trim (currently 25% off!) / Dudley Stephens: Grey Terry Fleece Park Slope (Get $25 off your first order via this link!) / Time and True: Jean Sculpt Leggings (only $14!) / Chanel: Quilted Ballet Flats (similar here) / Givenchy: Mini Antigonia Bag 

So because I don't own black, I don't really wear black and therefore when I do wear it, it just feels weird to me! I know it shouldn't, but it's like wearing orange. I just don't really do it. I was even trying to put together a look the other week and I needed a black long coat (this cape sadly didn't work) and I didn't have one! My wheelhouse for a dark neutral is more navy than black, but I'm trying here!

Because of this awareness, I've actually been trying to buy more black things. It's weird, I KNOW but here we are. So when I saw this cape pop up, I was intrigued. Ellen Tracy can be a little hit or miss as it's a more woman's brand than anything. I've always found their items also run bigger than most. I didn't love this cape in any other color than black so I decided why not

I purchased the small and to be honest, I could have gone down to an XS if they offered it. The small fits fine and is great for layering (plus it's a cape and is not meant to be tight) so the small works for me. Especially when you tie it, it looks great!

When I first tried it on I wasn't sure about it but believe it or not I've been reaching for it a ton this month! It's just different than a lot of coats -- or even capes -- I see out there and I am really coming to love it! It looks much more expensive than it is which is always a plus too. The faux fur trim is really well made and done!

I paired it with my new Dudley Stephens sweater and I was very into this look. [PS you can read my review about their fleeces and the different materials in this post!] It just is the perfect mix of casual and put together. Something easy to wear to work (can change out the jeans!) or with friends on the weekend. Plus, it's a very warm look minus the flats so you can wear it right into winter.

This won't be the last you see of these items! I have a strange feeling they will be a go-to this winter. 


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