An Easy Holiday Look

Guys, I LOVE this look. It's very me and judging by the number of DMs I got about it, it's very you, too! UGH I just feel so chic in it and it's a perfect fall to winter, semi holiday look.


Old Navy: Navy Wool Coat / Dudley Stepehns: White Fleece Turtleneck (get $25 off via this link!) / J. Crew: Cameron Slim Crop Pant in Black Watch Tartan / J. Crew: Laney Pumps with Bow in Black Watch Tartan / Amazon: Black Headband / Etsy: Hollis Earrings c/o

First off, J. Crew holiday has dropped and if you haven't yet shopped, WHERE YA BEEN? It's so good and easily my favorite collection they come out with each year. I picked up a ton (maybe too much) but a favorite being these plaid pants. They are just so easy to wear and style -- I actually had this navy sweater planned for it but switched to match friends! (they run TTS btw!)

Then of course, I paired the pants with some cute matching shoes of the same print. These bow plaid heels are definitely a closet staple and will be one that I wear a year from now and you will be upset you didn't buy it! They pair wonderfully with jeans if you want to dress up any look!

And while I don't really support Old Navy, this coat is from last year and it's held up really well. I just remember I couldn't find a short pea coat anywhere and this was my saving grace! Short coats are great for showing off more of your look :)

As for my accessories... if you haven't yet seen the headband I've worn for six days straight, here it is IRL. I have been trying to avoid the headband trend but found this on Amazon for $10 and thought why not. It was simple enough that it shied away from being too trendy. Turns out, I LOVE IT. Perfect for any of you thinking you can't pull off a headband -- promise!

And then, my earrings! I have to tell you about these earrings. I got them as an extra gift from Beth (who runs the Etsy shop that created my custom wedding clutch!) and at first, I was like meh about them. But then I randomly picked them up to wear and FELL IN LOVE. They are so cute on and every time I wear them, I swear I get at least a few compliments! But the best part of all is they are SO LIGHT. Like maybe my lightest pair ever. Lighter than a quarter. The back is made of like a leather material so it's not heavy.

AND PS! Kelly, Jess and I are giving away THREE Dudley Stephens sweaters on Instagram so be sure to enter!



  1. Great outfit! Love your pants!

  2. LOVE this look. That headband also looks SO great on you!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

  3. I have these pants, and they are the BEST ever!! They are perfect every year for the holidays!! And omg i need the matching shoes now, ahahah! I will definitely be pairing my pants with a DS fleece this year :)

    xx Libby

  4. NEED THESE PANTS! Such a cute look, love it!!

  5. This look is PERFECTION!

  6. The shoes are so cute!


  7. Hello!  
    I haven't commented here before, so I just wanted to start off by telling you how much I really enjoy reading your blog. I love your sense of style (it's very similar to my own).  And I appreciate your thoughtful recommendations. Take this post - great outfit! Especially those earrings! I snagged a pair after seeing this. The shop was out of the blue, but I was able to buy them in green, which are also super cute. I often find Etsy overwhelming for browsing, so thank you for highlighting such an awesome vendor to keep an eye on.


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