Our Nantucket Wedding Invitations

On Monday we got the rest of our wedding photos in from Michael and guys... they are SO GOOD. I'm excited to share more with you soon -- just trying to figure out the best way to get these out with the rest of my content!! BUT UNTIL THEN, I'm really excited to share our wedding invitations

I was pretty unsure what I wanted to do for our invites initially, but thankfully, Shine wedding invitations reached out early in the process and offered to work together! I took one look at their navy blue ribbon invites, and I was in lol. Just to be upfront about it (like always), they comped my cost for the invitation suite in exchange for coverage on the blog + social!

In terms of timelines, we originally started talking in February, I sent in my first brainstorm idea in April, and by May 14, they were approved, waiting to be made and sent out. The process itself was straightforward, and the designer I worked with, Sarah, was very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process!

I knew (obviously) they would be blue and white themed and I really fell for the "Sophisticated" style invite with the blue border but wanted the "Poppy" format + font and really wanted to add a ribbon (it just looked too much like a bow not to). I also knew I wanted to incorporate our crest and our wedding print somehow, and everything I asked, they were just like yes, yes, and yes. They worked so hard to make my dreams come true, and they pulled it off!!

The thing about invitations is that they can be so vastly different, and there is no right or wrong way to do them. The formality to casualness is such a spectrum that it can be hard to find what works for you. I guess I leaned into the formal side of things, but I just thought it was too pretty not to.

We created two sets of invites: one for our week and ceremony guests and another set for the rest of our friends and family who were invited for the weekend. The only significant difference between the two was one said, "request your company at the marriage of our daughter," and the other said, "request your company to celebrate the marriage of our daughter." Subtitle variation of words, but it made all the difference!

I loved how we were able to incorporate our wedding print into the invites with the back of the invitation and the liner inside the inner envelope. It was super easy to do, too! I just sent over a PNG file (same for the Nantucket logo and the crest), and they mocked it right up. I also loved how nicely the darker ribbon and border of the cards went with our print! It was just perfect...

 If you're looking into invitations, I cannot recommend Shine enough!
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