Our Wedding Print

Very excited to share todays post! This was one of the things I was most looking forward to when wedding planning (the little things) and so pumped to be sharing the final look with you guys today.

I am here to be the very first person to admit that having a wedding print is a little much but I am unapologetic because I think it's something that is very me, something that I really wanted and dreamed about since finding Riley and something that I will cherish forever!

I think the idea came along a little after following Riley (who is one of my favorite follows on Instagram but also one of the best painters out there!!) and seeing her create prints for everything. Fun fact, she not only sells her artwork but also makes items out of it -- like wallpaper, fabric, gift wrap, tech accessories and more! She even made her own wedding print to use for a table runner. I just thought it was such a fun idea -- especially since I was really struggling with finding wedding linens that I liked and wanted to keep forever.

So I reached out to her and basically asked how we could make this and then how we could make it into a tablecloth (that's a story for another day). Then I started thinking about all the other amazing ways I could use this print and now I'm pretty sure it's going to be everywhere in my wedding. Yay!

Back to the process -- I reached out to her, she quoted me a price and then I sent her my wants for the print itself. Andrew and I discussed what we wanted (he wanted very few things, I wanted ALL the things) and decided on 7: Dixie (duh), Nantucket for our wedding, hydrangeas which are the flowers at the wedding, baseball which is how we met, our wedding monogram, the Empire State Building for New York (where we met and live) and a whale for the estate we were going to rent for the wedding. 

I sent her some pictures of each item and she was off! I loved following along the process through her stories (these are screenshots below) and seeing it come to life: 

We ended up switching the venue so we nixed the whale and put in a compass instead -- to represent all the places we've been together and all the places we'll go:

Once that was finalized she sent through a last look and approval before inking. We obviously loved it and said yes!

Then after that she started painting in the colors (we told her shades of blue, duh) -- the inspiration being a toile print. And she created the below, scanned, cleaned it up and send us our final product (which is the first image in this post!)

And we love it so much. Andrew at first was like wtf why do we need this but after explaining it and going into the ideas I had for it -- and especially now that he sees it and sees what it has become -- he's so on board and loves it. 

I'm finding that there is SO much we can do with this print it's getting me really excited. Between that and our wedding watercolor crest, I think we are all set on the aesthetic of the wedding. I already have some products in that I can't wait to share with you guys (maybe next week??) like a tie, napkins, golf balls, water bottle wrappers, stickers and so much more. This is going to be a lot of fun. Excited to share more soon.

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