Second Dresses and Undergarments Worn During the Wedding Week

Excited to share a little peek into all the David's Bridal dresses I wore over my wedding week and the undergarments I wore with them! 


White Bow Back Dress c/o: Starting with the first photo -- this is actually a dress, not a top! If you remember I tried on this dress in-store earlier this year and totally fell in love with it. I actually fell in love with both Vera Wang dresses, but I knew I would have more luck with the shorter dress as an outfit change. I'm just a sucker for bows! The story of the skirt will be in a second post, but I was in dire need of finding something to wear with that skirt that didn't untuck. And it hit me: wear a dress under it.

Just like how this dress is meant to be worn, with a skirt over it, it was like this ah-ha moment! It was perfect for the rehearsal dinner. I initially ordered a size 4, and the top was very weird and bunchy. So we reordered it in a 6, so we could tailor it down and weirdly enough it actually fit better in the chest! For undergarments, I wore this sticky bra that helped fill out the top, keep me covered but not show (which was harder than you would think in this dress!). I got these in a D and DD and found the larger size fit me better.

The original plan was if we went out after for a drink, I'd take off the skirt and be ready to go! But I was vvv tired and ready for bed, so we ended up heading home.

Pearl Dress c/o: This was my second dress night of the wedding. I brought it as more of a TBD if I'll wear it or not, but during our dinner, I realized I didn't want to get my wedding dress dirty since I'd be wearing it again over the weekend. So I thought it was kind of the perfect dress to slip into for the night and I'm SO happy I did. I love how this looked on, and I just felt so good wearing it.

I'm also really happy because we ended up jumping in the pool and this might have been the best dress to do it in! Since it's all beading, the material didn't even flinch when wet. It was perfect and still is even after a dip in the pool. In terms of undergarments, I wore the same sticky bra as above (which held up VERY well in the pool -- it takes a lot to get these off!) and this wide band thong that did an excellent job of holding everything in!

Iridescent Dress c/o: This iridescent dress was another TBD dress that I had but just brought anyway. I thought why not change again -- I mean it was my big day! I wanted to give this a moment during the weekend (I mean how fun is it!!), and I ended up wearing it to our after-party at The Chicken Box. It worked out perfectly because the fringe dress I wore at the reception party was on the shorter side and it was also fabric so it would be harder to clean if anything spilled on it.

I switched into this for the bar and not only was it the perfect dress for the occasion, the moment we walked in someone bumped into me and spilled on my dress... NO FRET because it seriously just wiped right off the sequins and I went on my way. For undergarments, I wore this high waist thong, and these sticker bras that both were awesome all night long!


~And just to clear something up~ I had all these outfit changes during my wedding because I wanted to. I had so many amazing dresses that I just wanted to wear them all, and I DID! This post is sponsored as part of my larger David's Bridal collaboration, but I was not paid to wear any of the dresses during the wedding -- I chose to. How silly would this sponsorship be if I just talked about how amazing David's Bridal is without ever actually wearing any of their dresses?

This is actually the last month of our collaboration, and I'm really sad about it! They have been so wonderful to work with and have really been the best to me but also my family and friends. I can't wait to show you the girls and my flower girls' looks because they were also wearing DB at the wedding and looked amazing

I'm so grateful for our partnership because, without it, I genuinely don't think I would I know about or love David's Bridal as much as I do now! They have some excellent items that are worth checking out for yourself -- bride to be, MOH, MOB, flower girl and even wedding guest! Our collaborations over the past 6 months have opened my eyes to the awesome world of David's Bridal, and I hope it has for you too!

To see all of our past collaborations, you can check out the David's Bridal tag here!


Thanks to David's Bridal for sponsoring today's post!

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