My New Favorite Top

Say hello to the best new addition of my closet: the do-everything white top! I've been talking about it all week on Instagram but I thought I'd bring it to the blog to make it official lol.

(^outfit linked here)
(outfit linked here)

I know, I know... I cannot stop gushing over this shirt. It's just that good. I originally saw it on the Dudley Stephens girls and I was like oh I need that top asap and I think I bought it the next day! I've had it for less than a week but it has surpassed my expectations and I can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can start layering it. 

This past weekend I wore it mainly for traveling but really tested it out with jeans and leggings -- it looks great with both! I need to play around with sometimes tucking the shirt to see how that looks on me as well. The slits on the sides really allow for you to kind of do whatever with this shirt!

The material of it is nylon and elastane so its this really nice stretchy and non-wrinkle fabric. It's very breathable too! The temps are still rather hot in New York but I didn't find I was sweating at all in a long sleeve top.

In terms of sizing, I'm normally a Medium but I decided to try out a Small because I knew the material with the stretch would give way a little. I also knew I'd be layering this piece a lot come fall and I didn't want it to be too bulky or oversized -- but rather a tad more fitted! So for sizing it's all about personal preference!

The color I'm wearing above is "white" but I'm also thinking about picking up the midnight color too (I love me some navy). 

I've also been looking at other things on their site to see what else I may fall in love with (as this company is totally new to me!). I personally have my eye on this white tank top, these pants (which would be great for work) and this t-shirt.
Have you guys shopped A Day before??
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