Weekend Update: August 9

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week. This week was slow and then all of a sudden it's Friday. Isn't it so strange when that happens??

What I Bought:
-I didn't buy this but thought it would be good to share here! My new pearl clutch for the wedding (pictured above!) that Beth, the shop owner, graciously gifted me!! I LOVE it and think it's even better in person. UGH I am so excited to wear it. I also asked about a discount code to share with you guys and she was able to offer 10% off her entire etsy shop! Use the code KRISTA10! PS she has my beaded leaf earrings from my shower in stock!!
-These disposable cameras for the wedding
-Embossed stationery for our wedding notes day of!

NYC Life: Lots of workouts this week. I started with a new trainer (since my other one left the gym) and it has been awesome. She TOTALLY kicks my butt and I leave feeling sorer than ever with her. It's like night a day! We're also starting to cut back on some food items as we prepare for the wedding. We're testing to see what is causing my skin/bloating/etc by trying an eilimnation process. This week is grain and next week will be dairy. I also have a dress fitting today so hoping that all goes well!

Favorite Finds:
-BeautyBlender on sale!
-A pink, pearl, chain trim dress??? YES PLEASE
-I love my white Sofia jeans so I'm thinking about trying these out as well!
-A great white midi dress for a bride to be
-An affordable moto jacket
-Cute (and under $50) booties for fall

Weekend Plans: Heading up to Westchester for the weekend to run more wedding errands as we get closer to the big day (my heart stops every time I think about it!). Nothing much out of the ordinary this weekend outside a family party. One thing I'm looking forward to is grocery shopping. I seem to have totally run out of food this week so I feel like a trip to Costco/Sams Club is in need.

A Must Watch: Julia Louis-Dreyfus sat down with Vanity Fair and broke down her whole career. I love her so it was really interesting to listen and go through all her past roles. I had NO idea she was on SNL!

Song of the Week: More like a playlist of the week! After a few requests, I decided to make a summer playlist on Spotify with ALL the songs I've been listening to as of late. Feel free to give it a follow! Lots of Chance the Rapper so you've been warned. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: These single letter stud earrings! They're 2 for $10 so you basically need them. They are so easy and simple to wear! A close second was this heated eyelash curler.

Amazon Purchases:
-Bought a small frame for our wedding print
-Repurchased my favorite eyeliner to mock freckles 
-Ordered a new way to organize my earrings -- this being a hanging option for the cheaper ones and this velvet box for my more expensive ones!
-This (actually cute) hanging rod for clothes that come in/are on loan
-More collagen shots
-Twinkle lights to test out

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