August Q&A

We haven't done a Q&A in a hot, hot minute so I thought today would be a good day to do so! I love answering your questions so I picked my top 15 or so questions you guys asked on stories and answered them for you below.

Q: What size is your boat and tote?
A: (For people unsure what this is, it's my LL Bean bag in the photo above). I have the XL zip top with regular handles

Q: What is your eyebrow maintenance? 
A: Right now, nothing. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but I seem to be ok with how my eyebrows look. If there are a few out of place, I'll shave them off (with a little face razor) but I've been letting them grow in full and I'm happy with it! About 1x a week I'll use RevitaBrow.

Q: How did you figure out your style? What has been some of your influences?
A: I think it was a lot of trial and error but it's mainly about what you feel good in. I feel good in classic pieces, happy in gingham and comfortable in red, blue and white. As for influences, I really like the way Ralph Lauren dresses and styles his campaigns. There is just something so cool and chic about it that I aspire to be. 

Q: Have you ever tried lotion p50?
A: No but I really want to! I need to find someone in the city who sells it and is knowledgeable about it. Plus I'm not trying anything new until after the wedding. 

Q: What is the best concealer for blemishes?
A: My two favorites are Tarte shape tape and Nars creamy concealer. Both are really good at covering anything up! Tarte is for full coverage and Nars is more for natural coverage. 

Q: Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
A: I think Belle! She's always who I would pick when I was younger because we had the same hair color lol.

Q: Any tips for razor burn?
A: I get horrible razor burn and I have not found anything that helps other than a wax! It's honestly worth it just to get around the fact that I won't have razor burn lol. 

Q: How do you find a foundation that matches your skin so well?
A: I ask people at Sephora for help! I'm always trying to find someone who can take the time and help me pick out my foundation matches. I'm never shy in store because it's something that I honestly struggle with. Plus I need a second opinion. It hasn't let me down since!

Q: How do you like blogging full time? Do you ever miss working a real job?
A: I am liking it, especially now that we're getting so close to the wedding. I don't know how I would have been able to do all three. The second question I find a bit rude seeing as what I do is a real job but I will take this to mean working a 9-5. No, I don't miss it but there are definitely times when I miss having people around!

Q: How old are you and Andrew?
A: I'm 28 and he is 32. 

Q: Have you ever thought about doing a podcast?
A: Yes but I worry the world is too saturated. Ashby and I have a videocast (that I'm horrible at uploading) that will probably be the closest thing to a podcast!

Q: Dream job other than blogging?
A: Doing nothing and getting paid a lot of money. Is that a job?? Lol, my dream job outside of blogging would probably be working in real estate, writing a book, or designing clothes (but not starting my own line -- I'd love to design and have someone else make it!).

Q: Dream place to live after your wedding?
A: We're not moving so, NYC!
Q: Phone cases you love and swear by?
A: Not super cool or anything but I only use tech21 cases. I don't mess around with my phone breaking so I forgo a cool looking case for one that is reliable.

If you like these Q&A's let me know! I'm happy to do more! You can submit questions to krista@coveringbases.com with the subject line "Q&A"!!

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