Weekend Update: August 16

Happy Friday! It's been a weird week because I think my hormones are all out of whack as we wait for the arrival of my special week lol. So it's been hard to tell if my mood is the way it is due to weather, lack of carbs, stress or wedding related. Either way, it's not very fun. Thursday was especially rough for me just feeling very emotional and down and discouraged. But hoping that all changes after a relaxing weekend away. 

(outfit details here)

What I Bought:
-This pearl sweater top (that's $17!)
-These daisey lucite earrings 
-A romantic white lace top
-Some navy shoes with a bit of sparkle lol
-The blue and white dress of my dreams
-Perfect dainty blue flower earrings

NYC Life: This week was just a lot of working out and a lot of work lol. Nothing really exciting or out of the ordinary. I had a facial on Tuesday, a call with our wedding photographer on Wednesday and today someone is coming over to look at the apartment to start planning a course of action to deep clean it out! She's a professional organizer so I'm pretty excited about it.

Favorite Finds:
-BaubleBar released a line of fine jewelry and I'm loving this stacking ring and this signet ring
-My favorite white jeans that won't break the bank
-Two great navy dresses for work here (under $90) and here
-THE MOST amazing wedding guest dress
-Soaking up the last of summer in this blue and white stripe dress
-Simple striped shift
-I think I kind of want this black long sleeve crop top for working out.. 
-Another fall wedding guest option

Weekend Plans: We are off to the beach this weekend with Andrew's family. They rent a house two weeks out of the summer and this is the start of their second week so we'll be there for the weekend and the earlier part of next week. Excited to just relax and hang out after I've been stressing to the max this week. Although this trip is usually my time to pig out and I won't be doing much of that lol. 

A Must Watch: Money Heist Season 3!! UGH ITS SO GOOD. It's 8 episodes new out on Netflix. Hands down one of my top 5 shows of all time. If you wont listen to me about this show then Succession is also back for a second season on HBO and it's great, the actors in the show and the way they write their family interactions are truly amazing. Also, I just finished the current season of Handmaids Tale. UGH SOBBING. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: My favorite AG jeans! They are the absolute best pair of jeans for fall and winter!

Amazon Purchases: Kind of borning but my Amazon orders this week were all related to our welcome boxes and other random stuff for the wedding...
-Liquid IV packs
-Cape cod chips
-Tide to go pens
-A white tension rod

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