Weekend Update: August 2

How is it August already?? EEK guys we're getting so close to the wedding I don't know what to do with myself haha. 

My name necklace (in the photo above) came in! I bought it to wear with my second look at the wedding. I had to try it on for fun when it came in. I love it more than I thought I would. So excited to wear it SO SOON!!
What I Bought:
-Not that I need them but I got a new black pair of star leggings and I'm so excited 
-Testing out a new sports bra for $12!
-SO many people love these jeans, I felt that for $30 I might as well try them out myself!

NYC Life: This week was kind of a blur and I spent the entire day yesterday telling myself that it wasn't Friday. So I'm very confused about what day it is. I DO know that it's August which is CRAZY and scary lol. We are quickly approaching the one month mark... This week I worked out, we had our engagement photos, had a third dress fitting and got a lot of wedding and work-related stuff done. So I feel good but exhausted. 

Favorite Finds:
-A really fun formal dress that is so different and won't break the bank!
-How amazing is this dress??? I feel like I need to have a wedding in a villa on the countryside and have this be my rehearsal dinner dress, it's so good. 
-A great wedding shoe option
-Loving this blue and white dress for summer (under $100)!
-White eyelet mini dress for $80? Sign me up
-Did you know Frame and Partners are now at DB?? This dress is my fav from the collection!

Weekend Plans: I'm not totally sure but I hope to run more errands with my SIL for last-minute wedding things we need!

A Must Watch: Money Heist on Netflix. I've probably already mentioned this before on here but I just need more people to see it!!! It is SO GOOD and everyone I've turned onto it has felt the same way (even my Dad who never watches TV). It's a great show for guys and girls I promise anyone that watches it will like it. BUT if you do watch it, make sure to watch it in Spanish with English subtitles. It's the only good way to watch because the actors are so so so good.  

Song of the Week: How about all the songs of the week. Chance the Rappers new album it OUT and it's all I've been listening to this week. Just on repeat, it's awesome. This is my favorite song -- the second verse he sings is about the first time he met his now-wife! I read the story on Twitter a bit ago but then when I heard this song I teared up. Plus the song is awesome.

Most Popular Item of the Week: These AG jeans from the Nordstrom sale! They restocked some yesterday and they are flying back off the shelf again. Right now they're available in most sizes so snag them while you can!

Amazon Purchases:
-One word, YogaToes. Need em, love em, got em. 
-These really pretty blue ombre earrings
-A new pack of collagen shots
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