Our New York City Engagement Photos Pt. 2: Central Park

And today is the last blog post you'll see of Andrew and me until after the wedding! Hope I haven't overloaded you with wedding content... but seeing as it's been consuming my life for the past month, it's only natural!

If you haven't already, check out yesterday's post with our photos from Grand Central and also our (semi) engagement photos from Nantucket here and here! Promise this is all of them lol.

It was really wonderful to be able to work with our wedding photographer before the big day for this shoot. We were able to basically do a test/trial run with this shoot and gave feedback at the end of things we liked/didn't and wanted more/less of for our wedding. He also somehow made it seem like we were the only people in Central Park in these photos... it's amazing. I don't know how he did it, but boy is he good!! It also was really nice to work with him for this because it made me a lot more comfortable with him. So I definitely suggest this for anyone looking to do the same!

What, I think, I'm most impressed by is how normal we look in these photos lol. We were SWEATING like crazy out in Central Park, and you can't even notice it in these pictures. And it was some serious sweat -- like everywhere. And by the end, we said just a few more and the sun popped out, and we were like NOPE lol and called it a day.

For this shoot, just like Grand Central, I wanted another iconic New York background and what better place than Central Park. There are so many picturesque parts of the park all right next to each other near Bethesda Fountain, so we were able to round these up within the hour!

I wore a white Alexis dress with Vince Camuto heels and J. Crew cluster earrings. Andrew wore his Vineyard Vines blazer, a J. Crew top and green pants (which were meant to be white but he forgot them at work!)

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