August Wedding Update

Can you believe this is the last wedding update on the blog?? We are officially a month away from being married and I'm in shock but also really excited but also super chill? Idk it's definitely a weird feeling!
The question everyone likes to ask is, "Are you ready? Is there anything else to do?" My canned reply is, "I think so?" I've never planned/had a wedding before (duh) so I don't know what I'm forgetting. There are the obvious things like dinners, photography, music, but it's the little things I'm sure an event planner would be helpful with. 

I've basically been living off of the Zola wedding checklist for ideas and inspiration and off the advice of friends/family who have been through it before! Remember, we're planning and doing it all on our own, which is exciting and nerve-wracking. I am unsure of my emotions lol.

If you're reading this on the 7th (publish date) then be sure to check out my #AskZola IG story tonight. I'll be answering all your wedding-related questions!

Things That Are Done:
-Our tablecloth/table setting: The tablecloth debacle is fixed and final! We set up a mock table setting with everything (vases, flowers, linens, place cards) and I absolutely love how it has turned out. I'm really excited to bring it all to life on the big day! It was a rocky road getting here but I just know it's going to be worth it.

-Tuxes: The guys have their tuxes measured, styled and ordered! I think they'll arrive in about two weeks. We'll make sure they're perfect and fit correctly. If you missed it, you can see what our guys are wearing here

-Undergarments: I found a pair of Spanx that I like from Bloomingdale's that work with my dress. It's not perfect but I don't think I can find anything better. I won't need a bra so I think we're all set in this department. At least for my wedding day. I haven't given much thought about the rest of the looks lol.

-Engagement photos: These are DONE! A surprise to us, we ended up shooting two different sessions for our engagement photos but each one is so unique. We love them both so much. Our New York engagement photos will be coming to the blog next week. Catch a sneak peek in the photo above!!!

-Booking a hotel: We booked a hotel for our weekend photographer and we were also going to book for ourselves but we decided against it. It was just so much wasted money and the whole point of the house was to stay in it and be with our family so that's what we're going to do! We're very excited. 

-Wedding Bands: These are paid for and should be shipped to us this week!! I'm excited to see how they look when they're finally ours. Especially since we tried ones that will look similar to what we're actually getting. It will be nice to see the real thing!

-Food truck: This is all set and ready to go! We're having my favorite food truck come to the house the night our guests arrive and it's going to be awesome. I'm going to eat allllllll the food lol.

-Sailing & Golf: These are also both booked and ready to go as of this week. We're taking our guests sailing and golfing on the rehearsal day as a way to say thank you for coming and spending the week with us. Here's to good weather!

Things That Are in Process:
-Chef for dinner: Our chef for the night of the wedding is kind of a bird and a little hard to get in touch with (I know, I know) but we have a contract we just need to know what deposit we need to send and then it will officially be locked in. This is on Andrew's to-do list and he's being much more lenient than I would be lol.

-Dress alterations: I had a third fitting last week and I have another this Friday. There were still a lot of things we needed to fix so we're squeezing in yet another fitting. I'm praying this will solve most of the issues that arose in the last one! We're getting there. The fitting last week was much better than the one in July, thankfully. 

-Workouts/clean eating: This is the month to really buckle down! I've been working with a trainer but he left the gym so I started with someone new this week. I think it's going to be better than ever but it will for sure be an adjustment. I plan on seeing her 2x a week, going to Solidcore 3x a week along with cardio on the same days, and finding something to add to my schedule (like yoga) that's easy to do on the weekends. We're also going to go over my nutrition closer to mid-month and start cutting out extra items that cause bloating. 

-Fixing my skin: We're in a weird time currently with my skin acting up like CRAZY but this month is all about making sure it's getting treated, extracted and fixed. We have a plan in place so I'm not worried about it, but I would for sure like it to be done with lol.

-Finalize gifts: We're all set with the parents and the guys. I have most of the girl's items outside of their PJs. For Andrew, I have the present but I need to plan out the way I'm giving it to him.

Things We Need to Do:
-Order Cakes: We have our wedding cake for the night of our wedding, but we need to get our ice cream cake for the rehearsal! We're ordering one from Juice Bar and Andrew and I are very excited about it. 

-Finalize Looks: I have all my dresses and looks lined up for the week but I guess now would be a good time to finalize everything with accessories! I think this will also help me to stop buying more things to wear to the wedding that I do not need haha. 

-Order Thank You cards: I need to get this done but I've just been putting it off. We worked with Shine Invitations for our wedding invites so we'll probably do the same for our thank you cards.

-Send out the week's schedule of events: Andrew and I put together a schedule for our guests so they know what they're getting in to and where they need to be when. We're in the process of finalizing it now with links and all information but we need to send it out so everyone can prepare properly.

-Call with the photographer: We have a call with Michael, our wedding photographer, to go over the day-of details and build out a reasonable timeline of events and make sure we all know what the plan is for the rehearsal and day of the wedding! Thankful that he has done so many weddings he will help be our guiding light through this all. 

-Get items for welcome boxes: I have most everything, but we need to get the main stuff (like candy, chips, water) from places like Costco so we're waiting to do that until a little closer to the week!

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