Weekend Update: June 14

Happy Friday friends. I am currently in Atlanta testing out my mom abilities and let me tell you it is tough lol. I'm exhausted and just want a good nice long sleep lol. Is that so much to ask for??

What I bought: 
-Nothing! Woot!!

But while I have you, I was randomly looking at my Fohr profile and saw that they accept follower testimonials. SUPER random I know, but I'd love to see and hear from you. At least I think I'll get to see them? IDK! But if you have like 2 minutes and want to support me (more than you already do!!), please fill out this 4 question form.

NYC Life: Just as quick as I was back from Nantucket, I was off to Atlanta (where I am currently, and will be until this weekend). I really don't like traveling back to back like this, but I'm here helping my mom babysit my sister's kids, and we are having fun! But boy am I so exhausted. We took them out yesterday, and I may never do that again, haha. So life this week has been good but a lot.
Looking forward to just being home and getting back into my regular routine. We don't have any travel booked until mid-July!

Favorite Finds:
-The gingham blazer that I really wanted is on double sale (but still expensive) should I do it??
-This white eyelet dress is to die for!!
-I don't really *do* rompers, but I feel like this I could do
-Shopbop is having a good sale right now -- I love this stripe crop (on sale for $31) and this striped t-shirt (on sale for $26)!
-Simple red summer dress for under $80
-My favorite swimsuit now comes in this super cute print!
-LOVINGGGG this gingham tier dress

Weekend Plans: I'll be in Atlanta but coming back Saturday afternoon to New York for the guys' tux fittings! We're going to pick out what they're all wearing and get everyone measured. Then I assume Sunday will be a lot of playing catch up and shooting for the blog.

A Must Watch: Mom and I watched "Always Be My Maybe" on Netflix and it was adorable!! I laughed a lot, and the cast was excellent. I feel like I've been all over the map with Netflix as of late -- would you guys want to see a list of my must-watch shows??

On a more sad/serious note, John Stewart gave a fantastic speech to Congress earlier this week that was so well-spoken and heartbreaking. It's a must-watch.

Song of the Week: UGH this new song from Toy Story 4 by Christ Stapelton is SO GOOD. Love love love. If that's not your speed, I've had the Maren Morris album "Girl" on repeat. 

Most Popular Item This Week: Again with this tank top (the best ever!) BUT OMG YOU GUYS it comes in SO MANY NEW COLORS!!!!! Ahhhhhhh this is amazing. 

Amazon Purchases of the Week: 
-I tried this nut butter for the first time, and now I think I'm hooked. It's so good!
-My trainer recommended these bars as a tasty snack pre/post-workout, so I bought a few to try out
-Expensive new sunglasses but I love them


  1. Have a great weekend Krista.

  2. Would love to see you Netflix reviews! I was considering watching that movie this weekend so glad to hear you liked it!

    xoxo A

  3. Would you ever do a travel guide or where to go in Atlanta? I am there for a week in July and need ideas on food places.

  4. RXBar Vanilla nut butter is where it's at. They sell it by the jar at Target or online.

  5. Love your comments about taking care of kids! Mine are 18 and 15 right now, but I remember when I had my second...it took me an entire month to get up the courage to take them both out at once!


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