Weekend Update: June 14

Happy Friday friends. I am currently in Atlanta testing out my mom abilities and let me tell you it is tough lol. I'm exhausted and just want a good nice long sleep lol. Is that so much to ask for??

What I bought: 
-Nothing! Woot!!

But while I have you, I was randomly looking at my Fohr profile and saw that they accept follower testimonials. SUPER random I know, but I'd love to see and hear from you. At least I think I'll get to see them? IDK! But if you have like 2 minutes and want to support me (more than you already do!!), please fill out this 4 question form.

NYC Life: Just as quick as I was back from Nantucket, I was off to Atlanta (where I am currently, and will be until this weekend). I really don't like traveling back to back like this, but I'm here helping my mom babysit my sister's kids, and we are having fun! But boy am I so exhausted. We took them out yesterday, and I may never do that again, haha. So life this week has been good but a lot.
Looking forward to just being home and getting back into my regular routine. We don't have any travel booked until mid-July!

Favorite Finds:
-The gingham blazer that I really wanted is on double sale (but still expensive) should I do it??
-This white eyelet dress is to die for!!
-I don't really *do* rompers, but I feel like this I could do
-Shopbop is having a good sale right now -- I love this stripe crop (on sale for $31) and this striped t-shirt (on sale for $26)!
-Simple red summer dress for under $80
-My favorite swimsuit now comes in this super cute print!
-LOVINGGGG this gingham tier dress

Weekend Plans: I'll be in Atlanta but coming back Saturday afternoon to New York for the guys' tux fittings! We're going to pick out what they're all wearing and get everyone measured. Then I assume Sunday will be a lot of playing catch up and shooting for the blog.

A Must Watch: Mom and I watched "Always Be My Maybe" on Netflix and it was adorable!! I laughed a lot, and the cast was excellent. I feel like I've been all over the map with Netflix as of late -- would you guys want to see a list of my must-watch shows??

On a more sad/serious note, John Stewart gave a fantastic speech to Congress earlier this week that was so well-spoken and heartbreaking. It's a must-watch.

Song of the Week: UGH this new song from Toy Story 4 by Christ Stapelton is SO GOOD. Love love love. If that's not your speed, I've had the Maren Morris album "Girl" on repeat. 

Most Popular Item This Week: Again with this tank top (the best ever!) BUT OMG YOU GUYS it comes in SO MANY NEW COLORS!!!!! Ahhhhhhh this is amazing. 

Amazon Purchases of the Week: 
-I tried this nut butter for the first time, and now I think I'm hooked. It's so good!
-My trainer recommended these bars as a tasty snack pre/post-workout, so I bought a few to try out
-Expensive new sunglasses but I love them
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