Six Year Anniversary Living in New York City

Oh goodness... I'm about twelve days late to this post lol. I was writing my other post for today talking about how long I've been in the city, and I was like oop! I totally missed the mark. That's what makes me a true New Yorker, right? Not caring about the anniversary/forgetting...

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WELL... it was a different year, to say the least. The end of last year was rough -- so rough that it really just plagues all the good memories I can't seem to remember. When I think back, I just seem to recall crying into my dinner every night talking to Andrew about feeling so lost and anxious. I just wasn't myself. But at the same time, I was. I don't know... it's hard to explain. I was so happy but so sad all at the same time. It didn't make any sense.

One thing about last year that was great was getting engaged. I know people always say they're so excited to marry their best friend but truly, Andrew is my person. And if there is anything above anything I can thank New York for, it's him. He's my born and bred New York guy; my best friend, my biggest ally, my loudest supporter. He's a can be a little rough around the edges if you don't know him (he is a New Yorker after all) but with me, with us together, we're happy. We laugh every day, we listen, we love so deeply, we support, and we encourage. We're the perfect team.

So New York is pretty great. And this year has been great. So 50/50 of my 5th year in New York was pretty ok. It was challenging, sure, but whats growth without some obstacles? Just as the later part of last year plagued happy moments, this year has erased the past. I'm back to being me and being happy, stress-free, and excited about my job. I always thought it would be New York that would break me in the long run but if anything, it's been there for me through thick a thin.

That's the thing about this city. It understands what you're going through (its seen it before) and it's there to help. Need some late-night soul food at 3am? Got it. Need to go for a 5 mile run on the water without interruption? Got it. Need construction so loud you can't hear your own thoughts? Oh boy, does it have it. New York is here to weed out the weak and support the strong. Build a business, become your own boss, take control of your life and the city is here to help.

Over the past six years, this city has truly become my home. It's where I am now rooted in this world, and it's where a part of me will always be -- no matter where I live. It takes little pieces of you over time, but it gives you back so much more. Sure the rent is high, the summer heat makes the city smell, and the traffic cannot get worse. But it's my home. My place. And every day I open my eyes to one of the most iconic buildings in the world and every night I watch it light up the night sky. It's a blessing.

And moving here, taking that risk, is still one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

So as we conclude my yearly love letter to this city, I always take the latter half of the blog post to go over past goals and set some new ones for the future. Here are the past five years:

...live in a bigger apartment
...get a promotion at work
...have solid savings account with investments towards my future
...be even better with my money
...see the blog continue to grow
...live a healthier lifestyle
...take fewer cabs
...cook more food
...have traveled to Europe
...to be closer with my (on the way) baby niece 
...complete my New York checklist (a post for another day)

...get another promotion at work
...see the blog continue to grow
...cook more food
...have traveled to Europe
...be closer with my baby niece 
...go to bed earlier
...dedicate more time to YouTube 
...build closer relationships with those I love

...continue to grow my job at work
...have fewer things
...travel home more
...see the blog continue to grow
...become tidier in the apartment
...cook more food/eat out less
...work out on a consistent basis

-be more organized 
-take fewer cabs
-create more videos
-see my family more
-get engaged (can I say that??)
-find a GP in the city
-shoot more New York City content
-continue to grow the blog
-travel to the Canadian Rockies 
-wake up earlier 

And for this time next year...
-get married (!!)
-settle into my new finances and hopefully get a raise (think my boss will allow it???)
-give Dixie more love and attention 
-watch The Wire 
-make Andrew laugh every day
-cut out frivolous spending (hello... cabs)
-say yes to more events
-explore + try new-to-me restaurants
-grow my business  



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