5 Ways I'm Staying Healthy Outside the Gym

Now that summer is here, I feel like it's so much easier to stay active just by getting outside. As you know, we're less than 90 days (it gives me heart palpitations every time I say that lol), so I'm really in the mindset of trying to get fit and ready for this wedding. And while I'm still working out and taking classes, I'm also trying to be more active and healthy outside the gym, and I wanted to share what I'm doing to help with that!


Outdoor Voices: Racerback Tank (old; similar here) / Nike: Dri-fit Skort (old; similar here) / Nike: Black Tennis Shoes 

Walking // My goal is to hit 10,000 steps each day. Which, in the city is not hard to do. BUT because I work from home, I do find it a bit more challenging because for hours at a time, I'm just sitting at my desk working. So to combat that, I've tried to do things that have more steps in their routine. For example, in the morning, when I walk the dogs, I walk for the full thirty minutes (vs. taking them to the park). That way we're both getting in our steps and moving our legs. We also speed walk during our time, so we get the heart rate up!

The same thing for lunch, there will be times I'll have lunch at home, but maybe I'm able to walk and eat at the same time, or I'll walk to a nearby park to eat lunch -- just trying to get away from my desk and getting steps in. Another way I'm getting steps in is deciding to walk somewhere when I'm running errands vs. taking a cab. This is where the beautiful weather comes into play -- it's much more enjoyable to walk places when the sun is shining!

I've been wearing my apple watch more during the day now so I can really hold myself accountable for how many steps I'm taking or not taking. It's kind of fun to have this goal you set yourself to each day. And I'll do just about anything to try and hit it!

Drinking Water // This is the biggest struggle I have, which is crazy because I only drink water. But like above, I really forget sometimes when I'm working to stop and take a sip to rehydrate. I consume most of my water during my meals so there I'm great, but outside of that, I need to get better. I've been trying to keep my water bottles full and near me at all times so I can just reach for it without worry.

Another thing I try and do is drink a full bottle of water in the morning before I eat, right when I wake up. I will take a daily probiotic and some collagen and then just have water for the next hour. It's an excellent way to wake your body up and an even better way to start your day. I'm not able to do it every day, but I've found that it's a lot easier if I drink while I'm getting ready, walking out, things like that. During the downtime before you even realize you're hungry!

Riding Bikes // This is definitely a luxury for me in the city and again, a great thing now that it's so lovely out, but I love to ride Citi Bikes. I'm lucky that I live so close to the West Side Highway where there is a dedicated two-lane bike bath along the water, so I don't have to be in the streets of the city. I'll usually ride my bike if I'm going further than 20 blocks downtown -- mainly for my classes! I pay upfront for the year, and it's cheaper than the subway and keeps you super active and on your feet. 

Dressing Active // Now this one may seem silly, but I swear it really does help! If you're dressed for a workout, you'll be more inclined to exercise. Great example: I wore my sneakers and this golf skirt to the airport traveling last week and because I was comfortable and in workout attire, I chose to walk the terminals instead of taking the plane train. Another time I was dressed in sneakers and an Outdoor Voices set when I was running an errand and just felt like running (weird, I know), so I just went for a small run. It didn't last long, but I know for sure I wouldn't have done it dressed in anything else. 

And dressing active doesn't have to be expensive either! Wear what you already have (aka me above) OR find some affordable, second hand or on sale activewear. I personally love shopping on eBay for activewear because you can find some exceptional items at an even better discount! Things like Outdoor Voices, Nike, Lululemon, Alo Yoga, and a lot more. I've been stocking up on my favorites and honestly, am giddy finding NWT items for a fraction of the price. 

eBay also has a great selection of shoes and sneakers, and I'm currently trying to find new trainers for when I'm weight lifting at the gym! So if you have any recommendations, please let me know. I have so many great running and casual sneakers, and I've been mainly wearing my white UA sneakers, but I need something more flat (or so I've been told lol). 

Sleeping // And we conclude with my favoriteeeee way to stay healthy -- sleep! Getting sleep is so so crucial for your body and your recovery and your health! Getting 7-8 hours (or more) is actually really good for you. I personally never miss out on getting my 9 hours, so we're good in this department. 


And that's it! Super easy, really affordable (and mostly free) and something everyone can do and integrate into their everyday. If you have more tips, I'd love to hear them below!


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