Flower Girl + Mother of the Bride Shopping

Get ready for some cuteness overload in today's Wedding Wednesday! UGH I miss these kiddos and my mom so much -- we had the best (but very tiring) time last week babysitting them while my sister was out of town!

When I was in Atlanta last week, I decided to take advantage of having my mom and flower girl (my niece) in the same place and did a little wedding prep! My niece will be our flower girl and my nephew, our ring bearer which I am so excited about -- but I have no idea what they'll be wearing. For him, we'll have some more time to figure out, but for her, I thought a day shopping with me would be her favorite thing to do!

She LOVES dressing up and putting on pretty things and who better to make her wishes come true other than her fashionable aunt? So we packed up the kids and went out to a local David's Bridal to try on some dresses for the wedding. I thought it would also be a good time for my mom to try on some dresses as well. She already has the dress for the ceremony, but we were looking for a perfect dress for the other events during the week.

Starting with my flower girl, I had no idea what I wanted her in, but I did want her to feel special in it! She definitely has opinions on what she likes and doesn't so we pulled out some dresses for her to try on together. A positive: all of them were great to twirl in. The negative: she wanted them all. 

She was just such a good sport, and it was so much fun seeing her so excited and happy trying on and wearing all of these dresses. She also picked out her own accessories for each look and made me tear up when she put on a veil! She's the cutest. (but no, she won't be wearing a veil to the wedding lol).  

I think I liked the more simple dress with the bow + button back for her. It was comfortable, classic and I loved that you can buy the bow separate in any color you want! The white dress + navy bow really was a cute look. A major plus is that it's completely removable too if she decides she wants to wear it again with another dress (which she probably will). Our runner up was this dress with the cutest skirt + trim.

For my mom, she found a ton of really great options that had her saying when we left how surprised she was by David's Bridal! She always thought of the store as selling their own line fo wedding dresses, and that's it -- when in fact it's so much more! When we were talking about it after, she said that she plans on going back for all future weddings or events because of their selection and options!

Mom is much harder to shop for than my niece because she's more particular, but it was enjoyable seeing her in new and different silhouettes than she usually goes for.  We even tried for some bright and fun prints (she's generally more of a beaded and lace kind of girl), and I loved them on her. She ended up finding a fabulous LBD (not for the wedding) that she loved and a new strapless bra that she swears by! So when I say David's Bridal is so much more, this is what I mean!

I'm going to leave my moms pick a surprise but let me know below what your favorites were for the MOB and flower girl! I'd love to hear your feedback :)



Thanks to David's Bridal for sponsoring today's post!

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