Summer Sunscreen

Back when I was in college, I stumbled across this YouTube video titled, "How the Sun Sees You" and it showed people as they are but also as they are under a UV filter (aka how the sun sees your skin). It's crazy and definitely something you should watch but it shows the really big difference sunscreen can make on your skin.

Now if only I saw that earlier in my life... I think it would have made a huge difference! The video is really so interesting and kicked off my need for sunscreen. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone at any stage, it would be to wear sunscreen. And I'm not talking about "oh I have SPF in my foundation" sunscreen, I'm talking about every day, part of your skincare routine sunscreen. 

It is proven and backed by research that it helps prevent skin damage, skin cancer, and aging -- WHY would you not want to do that?? Especially in today's world where everyone is talking about how to prevent wrinkles and using x, y and z products. You can do just that with a little bit of SPF.

I've been diligent over the past three years to wear sunscreen on my face every day. I feel naked without it and I will curse myself if I forget. What I'm not as good at is remembering to take it down my neck and chest or protecting my hands. Your neck, hands, and under eyes have the most delicate skin on your body (and who will show your age first).

Leading up to the wedding (we're past the 100-day mark!) I've been even more diligent about sunscreen all over my body because I don't want any weird tan lines for my big day. The worst thing would be to spend a day running errands outside and get a t-shirt tan line that won't seem to go away lol.

I'll admit that I've become a bit of a sunscreen freak -- making sure I have these products with me at all times and applying them often. But I think in the long run I will thank myself! I also hope that by sharing, it can help you guys out to -- to either be more aware of your time in the sun or to actually help protect yourself. 

So with that... let's go through my items:

Image Skincare Daily Moisturizer: This is my must-have and the one thing that has been a constant for the past three years. It's a great moisturizer, it has all the SPF you need for the day, it does not leave you feeling greasy or thick and it's rather affordable! Take this also from someone who has very acne-prone skin and can break out from just about anything. This is made for people like me! It won't clog your pores or make you break out and my esthetician is the one who recommended it.

Sun Bum Zinc Oxide: This is my sunscreen for when I'm out at the beach or laying out by a pool -- I lather up in this before putting on my bathing suit (pro-tip: apply sunscreen before putting on any clothes so you don't miss any spots!) and it protects me so so well. I'm naturally pale and I have been tan before but my skin also likes to burn. So I've found that Zinc Oxide is a really great (and natural) ingredient that can help seriously block out the suns rays. Sun Bum is a great brand overall for sun protection too, more expensive but very much worth it. 

Supergoop Part Powder: I saw this at Sephora and thought it was kind of brilliant -- my scalp always seems to burn (duh) and I never knew what to do about it. This has come to my rescue plenty of times too! It's great and I do recommend it, but just be aware that it's a light powder and doesn't rub in as well as you'd like (especially with darker hair). I would love to see this in a darker powder!

Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport: These are for my more casual days -- when I'll be out after the prime tanning hours or if I'll just be out for a bit -- not in a swimsuit. It's nice to just be able to spray this on and go and I've found for drugstore sunscreen, Neutrogena is a great brand! I love their sprays and their body sticks -- and appreciate their range of SPF intensities (although I don't think much over 50 works any differently). I have tried their face SPF in the past and it did clog my pores so I don't recommend that, but anything for the body I have loved!

Supergoop Hand SPF Lotion: Now this is what I'm talking about. I've been on the hunt for a good hand cream that also has SPF in it and I think this is the one! It's definitely a thicker lotion and it can leave you a little greasy for a minute or so but it gets better after that and then you forget that you have it on. One of my goals for this year is to pay more attention to my suncare on my hands a neck and this will really help with that!

Supergood SPF Setting Mist: This I don't use as much as the others since I don't wear makeup too often but I love the idea of it. After all my makeup is applied, I always set with a mist and the fact that this has SPF in it is so ideal. It's just that extra extra layer of protection that you want. I only use it for my final spray (not my in-between ones) and I've been known to spray a few spritz throughout the day to one -- freshen up my makeup but also two -- to make sure I'm getting all the sun protection I need. I love the little mini travel size too, it's perfect for what I need!

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