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I'm so hot and cold with my rings and how often I wear them. Lately, I have been wearing them often. I've been getting some questions about them, so I wanted to write a quick post to address them! 

My Engagement Ring: You guys know all about it from our design process to its debut on the blog. I love it, and it's one of my most prized possessions (if not the most).

My Signet Ring: Andrew got me this for Christmas two years ago after I had been asking for a gold monogram signet pinky ring. I had the hardest time finding one that would fit and still allow for my monogram. My left pinky is a size 3 so it was harder than expected!

I wore it all the time for the first 6 or so months until I started to break out. I have a horrible allergy to certain metals. It's so strange but thankfully better than it once was. I used to not able to wear jeans because the buttons would rub and cause me to break out! Now I'm only affected when I wear rings or earrings and either sweat, sleep in them, or get them wet (washing hands, showering). I broke out pretty bad with my signet ring because I was wearing it nonstop, in the ocean and traveling. I kept it on and it only got worse.

My goal one day is to buy this version of the ring in the 18k gold, but it will need to stay on the wishlist until it's the right time to buy a $1,000 pinky ring lol. Until then, I try to only wear it during the day and when I dress up (not around the apartment for fun), and take it off when I wash my hands. I might also get a bigger size to fit my other hand. My pinkies are not the same size. One is a 3 and the other is a 4.5/5. It's strange.

My Cable Ring: Andrew and I were walking around Nantucket this past weekend talking about jewelry he has given me as gifts. I mentioned how I appreciate jewelry more as I grow up. I said I love and wear all the rings he's gotten me over the years, and he said, "I've never bought you a ring." I laughed and said, "You've bought me three! My engagement ring, my signet ring and my cable ring." Boys....

I started to wear this more often and remember how much I love it! I believe Andrew gave this to me for Valentine's Day and I used to wear it all the time. At first, it was side by side with my BaubleBar signet ring (that ring here) and then stacked together. I stopped wearing it because I bought my Cartier ring and it messed with the flow. I moved it to the other hand and then I stopped wearing it altogether once I got engaged!

But now it's back and I found a great place for it on my pointer finger. I love it there and it's perfectly spaced apart from my other rings. When my fingers swell, I add it to my Cartier ring stack and it looks great. It's super versatile and I'm all for it.

My Cartier Ring: This was a present to myself (love you girl!) and I've basically worn it every day since I got it. It's classic, well made and really beautiful. I found a great deal on resale and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Like my cable ring, it stacks easily and pairs well with others. It's also great on its own. Obviously it's a big commitment in terms of price, but something you will have forever. I have the thinner version of the love ring and love how dainty it is!

My Eternity Ring: This is the most recent of the bunch and another great simple stacking ring. It's great on its own but also plays well with friends. I've been toying around with the idea of getting a pavé eternity band and when Hello Noémie reached out to work together I thought it would be a great time! To be transparent, they gave me a gift card that covered some of the ring, but I bought the rest with my own money. In exchange they asked for an IG story so this blog post/me wearing it has nothing to do with the collaboration. It's just something I love!

I've mainly been wearing it stacked because I like the look of the gold on gold with my Cartier ring. They compliment each other really well. While the ring is obviously amazing on its own, I think it looks even better stacked. It's a fun way to add a little bling to the other hand. I don't wear all five rings all the time, but at a minimum I wear my engagement ring, my Cartier and this ring. When they're off I feel like I'm missing something!

That's it for the rings! If you want to know more about my everyday jewelry, you should check out this post. It talks about my go-to watch, bracelets, earrings and necklaces!
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