Weekend Update: May 17

It's been a weird week but I think I've just been in a funk and I'm ready for it to be over and done with and then we can move on to next week which will be MUCH more fun than this one!! It kind of hit me that we're coming up on three months until the wedding and I was like BLAHHHH and then started going crazy lol. Workouts start back up today!

What I bought:
-White dress + feather hem = a lot of fun
-New sandals for summer
-This dress will be perfect for summer weddings
-And this is perfect for any brides out there!
-I had to pick this up because it's a blue version of the dress I got engaged in!
-The perfect summer vacation dress
-Another fun sandal to test out for summer
-This top and skirt set could either be really cute or really not, here's to hoping it's the former!

NYC Life: The beginning of this week was rough. I felt like I was recovering from my shower over the weekend on Monday -- it really did knock me out! Then Tuesday and Wednesday were such crappy days weather wise I had zero motivation to do anything. Thankfully Thursday was nice so Ashby and I were able to meet for a late and long lunch at Barbuto -- which I had never been to before! Thankfully it was a slow-ish week so I could just relax when needed.  

Favorite Finds:
-My allllll time favorite swimsuit is forever sold out but this is an exact replica of it for much cheaper!
-This is something I wish I was cool enough to pull off but I'm just not lol. Jumpsuits never look good on me but I'm this close to trying it anyway. It's like a jumpsuit maxi dress!
-If I was still in an office, I would so buy this dress for summer!
-This dress will win best dressed wedding guest
-Another great (more traditional) wedding guest option
-LOVE this maxi dress from Eliza J! Is perfect for more formal summer events
-A more casual maxi for summer with lots of bright colors

Weekend Plans: Ashby and I are starting to take more advantage of the summer weather (especially after all this rain earlier in the week!) and hope to lay out and work on her roof tomorrow. Then Saturday we have a bridal sample sale to benefit Housing Works, maybe brunch after. Then Andrew and I will shoot.. do the normal thing... and Sunday I hope to meet with my friend Sarah for brunch when her and her BF are in the city!

Most Popular Item this Week: This super cute stripped dress thats perfect for summer!

A Must Watch/Listen: Ok I'm all in the YouTube beauty community and the Tati/James Charles drama has been enthralling my week. If you don't know what is going on, Phillip DeFranco does a good job at recapping it. It's cray cray. If that's not super exciting for you,  have you started watching Chernobyl on HBO? Wow that is heavy and scary and probably one of the worst horror movies ever but it's really happened. I'm only two episodes in and yeeeeesh it's so rough (but obviously very good).

Amazon Purchases of the Week: In addition to the below, I updated my shop page which basically hosts ALL the things I've ever bought from Amazon for the past two years. lol.... enjoy!
-Perfect cookie baking mat
-A new broom (very exciting life I lead lol)
-Grate and slice set
-Produce keepers (large and medium)

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