Day 1 & 2 of My Bachelorette to Mexico

Today's a long one so get ready! I'm breaking down everything we did in Mexico on my bachelorette!! It was the most fun trip, and I'm sad it's over. But I get to relive some of it with these posts, so enjoy!

Day 1:

Most of us were on the same flight so we met at the airport for a quick drink and breakfast before the flight. That is also where Ashby made me wear a pink bride sash, which I very much refused but she is extremely persuasive. I know it doesn't really make sense but I hate attention from random strangers. I also kind of hate it from people I know too. It's a lot of pressure and I'd rather hang behind the scenes doing my normal thing. It was definitely something to adjust to for this trip! 

But alas, I wore it for the plane ride. As Ashby suggested, we got free drinks out of it. On the way down we chatted, had some snacks and I watched First Man with Ryan Gosling and really liked it!

Once we landed in Cancun, we went through customs, got our bags, met up with Caitlin and hopped on our shuttle to the hotel. My sister and Morgan arrived earlier in the morning so they had set everything up for us by the time we landed. The shuttle was about an hour drive to Playa Del Carmen but it really didn't feel that bad! Once we got there we were greeted with wet washcloths and some piƱa coladas. 

After a short wait, we were able to get into our room and I found my sister had decorated before my arrival. I asked for little-to-no decoration because who really needs that? I told her that if she was going to get anything, it should be this balloon set. It made me lol and that's why I liked it. 

Once in the rooms, I put together all the gift bags (you can read about what I got them HERE) and handed them out. For those asking, we checked two suitcases for the trip. One had half the goodies and my personal belongings and the other bag was full of goodies. It was easy and made packing a lot less stressful!

Once we got into the other room (we had two rooms, four beds and eight girls), we all put on our swimsuits and headed down to the pool to walk around and find something to eat. 

It was right at the time when people were done with lunch but not ready for dinner so we grabbed a few drinks from the pool bar and made our way to the 24-hour snack room. This room was open all the time (hence the name), had huge TVs, tables, lounge chairs, a pool table and a fully stocked kitchen area with food. It's kind of like an airport AmEx lounge, if any of you have been to one. It had a bunch of hot food to grab, some cookies, and some drinks.

On our way back we walked right past a complimentary tequila tasting! We were able to learn some lol and eat a lot! Morgan captured this b-e-a-u-tiful shot of me during the tasting...

Soon after, we went back to the pool to hang out and get to know each other. My sister bought a drinking game with cards that had different "drink if..." items on them. If they got crazy, we talked about them.

As the sun was setting we decided to go back to the room and get ready for dinner. Tonight we were going to try the Japanese fusion restaurant in front of the hotel. It was our first taste of an all-inclusive meal and it didn't disappoint. Lots of food and drinks were ordered, even makeshift sake bombs with the ever-classy Coors Light. 

After dinner we found a silent disco in the ballroom, so of course we checked it out. There were three different DJs on three different channels (blue, red and green) and it was really fun being able to dance to your own song and have the music as loud or as quiet as you wanted. There was lots of dancing and laughing. The videos from this night were the best!! Also, taking off the headphones to hear random people half singing was TOO funny.

We closed the party down and pretty much crashed soon after this. We needed to get ready for a full sun/pool/beach party the next day.

Day 2:

Jen and Caitlin got up early to get some work done and also found some great chairs right outside our rooms in the quieter part of the pool! We started at the breakfast buffet and got a little crazy with all the food we were able to eat. Once done, we posted up at the pool and pretty much stayed there the whole day. Everyone was so cute. They had their beach hats and sunglasses, and we looked like quite the crew roaming around. 

Caitlin surprised me with pool floats! She bought a ring and an avocado float and we decided to break them out for the day. I was a little hesitant at first (what screams "look at me" more than a large ring in the pool?) but I found it was super comfortable and the perfect way to stay in the sun but also keep cool. 

For those asking why I'm wearing my bikini this way, I didn't want to get conflicting tan lines from my swimsuit. From here until the wedding, I don't want weird tan lines, sunburns or anything else that might look strange with my dress!! I was religious about sunblock and time spent in the sun.

In the afternoon we all were burning up and decided to get into the pool and swim around. I loved it because I didn't have to move and was just pushed around all day lol. The drinks and shots of tequila were flowing and we made our way to the swim-up bar at the other end of the pool.

At the swim-up bar we found ourselves close to the hotel's afternoon activities like Zumba and competition games. Ashby and my sister ended up competing and it was really fun to watch and cheer on! Then it was back to the chairs, a tequila shot that went down the wrong pipe, and a little nap! I woke up about an hour later and decided I needed a nice shower, so Jen and I popped upstairs and hung in the hammock (which was on our balcony!) while the other girls started to trickle in and shower. Tonight was the big night!!!

Because it was the GINGHAM NIGHT!! This was my favorite part of the whole trip. It was so well executed, we looked great together, it was unique and it was very me. It was a fun way to do the matching bachelorette outfits without everyone hating what they wore.

SO how did it come to be? Caitlin and I were texting and talking about the trip right after we booked the hotel. She asked if I wanted any theme nights, decor, etc. and I said no. I just wanted it to be a vacation for all of us and nothing too strict or serious during our time there. She brought up the idea of a blue-and-white night, which I loved. It's a way to be similar, but not the same, and still let the girls pick out their own looks. THEN it hit me to do a gingham night. I suggested it and Caitlin made it happen..

I think the general rules were blue gingham if you can, black was okay, and something in dress/skirt form so we all weren't wearing white jeans or shorts. Everyone did SUCH A GOOD JOB. I thought we looked so cute together and it brought so much joy to see all of my favorite girls wearing my favorite print. I loved how we all looked cohesive but different enough so that everyone was able to show off their style.

I, of course, wore white to stand out, but I was able to tie it all together with my old school gingham heels from J. Crew. I don't break these out often, but when I do, you know it's going to be a good look. This was my favorite look I wore on the trip and my favorite night overall!

(from L to R: Jen, Morgan, Ashby, Catherine, me, my sister Kim, my future SIL Allison and Caitlin) 

For dinner, we did the French-Mexican fusion restaurant (reservations required) and I had a really great steak with like five appetizers lol. My sister also surprised me with a really fun game. Everyone submitted questions for Andrew to answer, and then I had to answer them to determine how well we know each other. Morgan and Catherine got answers from Andrew the week before without me knowing. There were about 30 or so questions and I only got nine wrong (two that were contested). Everyone was really surprised at how well I did. They were not easy questions!

I would say the funniest ones were the ones with multiple possible answers and I was like, "well they could be x, y or z." Then Andrew's answer would start with, "well there are so many but I would say x" and we'd all laugh. If this was a real life game for money, I think we would do pretty well.

After dinner there was a show in the lobby that we watched for a bit before heading to the dessert area. There was a little coffee shop that had ice cream, coffee and a bunch of baked goods. I grabbed two donuts for dessert and we hung out for a bit eating our treats. Someone in the shop said "oh wow, lots of gingham! who's the bride?" I popped around from behind someone and everyone said, "uhhh the girl in white!" We all had a good laugh.

Then we went back upstairs to change into our jammies and meet back in my room for some games. We chatted and then started playing charades with cards that were inappropriate. The game evolved a couple times and we ended up playing Telestrations, which was SO funny and one of my all-time favorite games! We laughed and played until about 1am then went to bed since we had to be up bright and early for our excursion the next morning!

And that is day one and two from our trip. Tomorrow I'll be back with the second half! If you missed it, here is more information on our trip and a large Q&A on it, here are all the links to my outfits and here is what I gave the girls on the trip.

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