Chanel Medium Double Flap Review + Tips for Buying Second Hand

My first bag review is here! So excited to share my very favorite bag and how you can get one for a fraction of the price. Showing off the bag and answering all your questions below!


This is my No. 1 favorite bag. It's very me. It's classic, navy, gold and it's Chanel. What is there not to love? It's always been a dream of mine to own a Chanel bag, and now it has turned into an addiction.

What are some tips for saving for a Chanel bag?
I would look at your monthly spending and see what your big costs are (eating out, Ubers, coffee). Then see where you can cut back. Once you figure out where that is and how much it would save you, start putting that money away for your bag. It's your Chanel fund so don't touch it!!

What does it fit?
In my second-to-last picture above I shared what it normally holds. It can hold all things you need in your purse. We obviously know it's not going to fit the same as a tote bag, but for a smaller bag I think it fits a good amount! It can hold everything you need if it's organized properly. 

Is it worth the price?
This is totally dependent on your lifestyle! I've never paid full price for Chanel. I always buy second hand, because why not save where you can? I may not be the best person to answer this question. If you're asking if it's durable, always in style, and will I avoid buyer's remorse? Yes. I think so!

What style do you recommend?
Again, this is your preference. I knew I wanted my first Chanel to be the classic double flap. It's a style that has never gone out of style. It's not a trendy look. It's fundamentally classic!

How durable is it?
I take very good care of my bags, especially since they're usually bought second hand. I always want to make sure it's never on the floor, stuffed when not in use, and properly stored. Bags can show different levels of wear and tear depending on the leather. The inside flap of mine is slightly damaged. Overall it's a very well made bag that will last you many years.

Sturdiest leather for someone who is tough on their bags?
The caviar leather is the material you want to go with!

Do you use the longer or shorter strap position more?
I use both but I use the longer position more. I would never buy a Chanel bag that only has a short strap. I like versatility and I'm even able to wear it as a crossbody if needed. On the flip side, I also wouldn't buy a bag that is long -- like this bag. It's just too long and it would hit my butt!

What color should I get?
Again, personal preference but think of what colors you wear normally and what bag would go with those. Mine is navy because it's the main color I wear and it goes with almost everything in my closet. The next bag I would get would be a black bag. I also have a Chanel Kelly bag in beige and realized that my jeans rubbed off on it during my first use! I was able to clean it off, but that's something to keep in mind if you decide to go with a lighter bag color. It may show wear/color transfer more easily than a darker color. 

Buying second hand 

If you know anything about me it's that I try to buy designer items second hand. You can save so much money by doing this . So much so that you're able to buy something else! There are a ton of great places to shop second hand designer items but my favorite has always been eBay. Their selection of items is so expansive, but they are also a reputable place that will always have your back if anything ever goes wrong.

Something new they have started, which is super helpful for anyone like me looking for authentic items, is their eBay authenticate program. This basically means they've personally had each bag expertly verified for authenticity and guaranteed by eBay to be real. It's an extra bit of assurance you may need. You can be sure you're not buying a fake bag.

To shop their authenticated bags you can search directly through their main page or filter to show only eBay authenticated items in your search! You can also shop their authenticated jewelry and watches here too! The filter on the search page will usually show more than their individual pages.

What do you look for?
When buying second hand, I first make sure that it's authentic (the filter makes it so easy). Then I check out the seller and their past items sold, what they have available, where they're from (I only shop within the US) and their rating and reviews. I try to avoid anyone located internationally, anyone who has sold the same listing multiple times, or anyone with negative reviews on similar items purchased. 

I also like to use the "Buy it Now" feature and sort by price. When buying second hand you want to get a good deal, but that's a fine line to walk. You don't want to buy a beat up bag for cheap or a brand new bag for $10 off retail. You want that well-kept bag with a moderate price tag. 

What is a good price?
This is all based on the condition of the bag, the style, and the rarity of it. But for a medium quilted double flap (like mine above), I would say $1,100-$1,600 is a steal and around $1,700 and up is to be expected.

If you have any more questions, please let me know below!


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