The Mrs. Ring Box

Todays wedding post will be a quick one but one that I really love! Give me alllll the blue!

The Mrs. Box (c/o) in Birthstone Double (single letter Ashby monogram in gold)

Do you guys have a fun way you store your ring when you're not wearing it? I keep this on m nightstand but I rarely ever take off my ring so it's kind of just sitting there. I'll only take it off for very certain occasions like if I'm doing something where it can fall off, get really dirty or have the possibility of it being taken.

I've always loved the look of the Mrs. Box so when I first got engaged I reached out to them looking to buy one that matched my ring! I wasn't sure if I wanted to go same color navy blue or something else to make the ring pop a little more. I'm really happy with my choice! I think the ring looks awesome in the birthstone color.

I decided to get the double ring box (there are regular single slits) because I thought it would be nice for when I have my wedding band -- tbd on what that will look like! I put my Cartier ring in the other holder just for reference so you could see what two rings look like in the box. 

There are also a TON of similar boxes on places like Etsy if you're looking for something a little more unique and affordable. I think this is a great gift for anyone who is recently engaged. Perfect for friends and family members -- it's something they'll use forever!


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