Weekend Update: March 29

UM crazy that it's the end of March! Like where did it go? Why did January last so long? Is it spring time? Why am I getting busier?? So many questions. I'm kind of lost and all over the place today. Sorry in advance but hope you still enjoy todays post and have a great weekend <3

What I bought (for the past two weeks):
-I didn't buy this but I got them in from Eliza J and am LOVING this white sweater dress
-These platform slides for $36
-More white dresses to try on: this halter neck one and this long ivory one (swoon!)
-I love a good set and hopefully this works for my bach (love how affordable it is)
-This swimsuit is just too pretty not to buy. The top and the matching bottoms are calling my name

NYC Life: I've started babysitting and walking dogs in my building and this week I started with two new pups that I'll have every day. They are a yellow and black lab and are so much fun. I love them and it's just the best way to spend part of my day! You'll be seeing them more on my stories. I need a dog. Also started solidcore this week which is comparable to SLT (possibly harder) AND on ClassPass in the city! If you're new, sign up via this link and get $40 off your first month -- which makes it $5. Excited to keep trying it and let you know how it goes.

Favorite Finds:
-An affordable camo jacket
-SUPER cute white dress that is just very simple
-On the hunt for more jeans! Loving this pair for under $20 and this distressed pair for $23
-These cap toe espadrilles are SO cute
Things I Want to Buy But Shouldn't: Thankfully nothing this week because it seems that the last two things I listed I bought lol. 

Weekend Plans: Kentucky plays tonight (late) and we have a lot to shoot Saturday for the blog. I feel kind of overwhelmed by it all honestly it feels like there is just stuff taking over my apartment between the wedding, the bachelorette and the blog! Kind of sort of drowning lol.

A Must Watch: Kentucky, duh. If you're not into basketball and in to GOT like I am, watch this breakdown of the season 1 finale (major spoilers so don't watch if you haven't seen it).

Most Popular Item this Week: Yet another week where these shoes are STILL far and away the #1 seller AND OMG YOU GUYS THEY COME IN GOLD I'M JUST SEEING THIS AS I'M LINKING THEM!!!!! Going to buy now lol. They also seem to have a white cut out pair (yay!)

Amazon Purchases of the Week:
-Another skinny shirt -- just a different style!
And an update that I've relinked and freshened up my Amazon shop page!!

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