Some Dresses I'm Packing for my Bachelorette

We're a little more than a month out from my bachelorette and I wanted to share a few details and some of the items I have on my list to pack!!

HOW CUTE RIGHT?? I'm so excited for this trip -- it's like after all this time putting up with cold weather I can feel the warm weather around the corner. We're heading to Mexcio for my party and I'm just thrilled with how it worked out. I knew I wanted a very chill laid back vacation on the beach so it was either the Caribbean or Mexico for us. 

I always loved the idea of an all-inclusive so the girls wouldn't have to worry about paying as they go and all the extra costs that come with bachelorette parties! It will be nice to just eat and drink and not worry about running up a tab and who will pay for what. I'm expecting to have ALL the drinks and food during the long weekend lol.

As to why it's so early before the wedding (we're getting married in September) this just seemed to be a time that worked for everyone. Summers get CRAZY and this stage in our life we're all trying to find time for ourselves outside of friends weddings so I knew in the summer just wouldn't be great. I have a lot of very busy friends!

Another reason I wanted to do it so early is because I don't want to go to the Carribean/Mexico in the middle of summer. It would be SO HOT. The way I've always looked at my party is through the lens of: people are going to have to pay to come either way, lets make it worth their while. I wanted to make it a true vacation for all my friends -- a time to just relax and also celebrate with me. So April seemed like a great time to do it!

Plus all the cutest spring and summer stuff is dropping right now so it's a great excuse to get my hands on some of them! I obviously am looking for a lot of white items but also looking for some fun colored pieces to mix things up. How obsessed are you with the green dress? Because I am like woah. 

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