Weekend Update: February 8 + No Shop Week 1

You made it! One week down in the shortest month of the year and you crushed it! Hope you all had a great week, sharing a little more about mine below.... Happy Friday!

NYC Life: This week was a lot of working out, a lot of working on the blog, some stress over the wedding and planning a bachelorette party and a fun night with Zola! You guys know I'm partnering with them for my wedding and with that, they asked me to speak on a wedding fashion panel at their pop-up in Flatiron and it was so much fun. The store is AMAZING and it was such a fun night meeting everyone and talking about fashion. 

Weekend Plans: I feel like this week I did not stick to my schedule and get the things done that I needed to. I'm feeling pretty stressed out over the wedding and money this week and I think that Andrew being gone didn't help much. I forget sometimes how much I need him mentally to help me each day. So when he's gone I kind of go crazy. Had a good talk and cry last night so all should be better. This weekend I have SLT and ideally more errands and getting my life together. 

BUT ON SATURDAY we have the Westminster Dog Show "Meet the Breeds" and we're SOOO excited. Andrews dad says its like alcoholics going to a beer festival. We're so addicted to dogs we want one so badly but know its just not a smart time for us right now. Then my sister comes in on Sunday and we'll get to hang out in the city with her which I'm also really excited about. 

Most Popular Item This Week: You guys LOVED my no makeup look that consisted of this under eye wand and blush stick

If I Was Shopping I Would Buy: This really cute Eliza J dress! I love the texture and structure of it

A Must Watch: Our third episode of KR/ASH Course! For those out of the loop, I have a video cast with one of my best girlfriends Ashby. It's every Monday on YouTube and we basically just shoot the shit for 30 to 45 minutes each week. This week was my favorite one so far and it's about our favorite trashy TV shows. SO MANY TO COVER and we're so different that we got to share our shows with one another that were new. It was fun, you should check it out!

No Shopping Update: This week was great! It was so easy not to shop and I honestly felt a cringe anytime I got a retail email or saw bloggers promoting an unnecessary amount of clothing. I think I'm so turned off by shopping and consumerism that it's making me re-think everything! Maybe I'll talk about this more at a later date but it's a little hard being a blogger but resenting shopping (currently). And I'm trying to find my right balance.. 

I tracked every penny I spent this week and from last Friday until today I spent around $250. Which is way more than I wanted to spend. BUT I did have my facial yesterday so half of that amount was for that + tip. Kind of skewed but my goal for next week is to lower that by a lot. I had three $0 days which made me feel really good and I want to keep that going. 

There wasn't really anything that I even wanted to buy this week. I hope it continues to be this easy!

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