My January Amazon Buys

Hi my name is Krista and I have an obsession with Amazon. While I'm not shopping this month, I still wanted to share all the random stuff I got in January because I love seeing the random stuff other people buy!

1. Image Skincare Collagen Shots -- I've had these before and decided to repurchase them in January. They're kind of expensive and the jury is out on if they really work but I feel good taking them and they taste delicious. The convenience of having the little small bottles to just take a shot of before you head out for the day is the best. Do I recommend them? Yes. Do you need them? No.

2. Cacao Nibs -- I got these to give some flavor to my smoothies because a lot of my recipes called for them. BUT to be totally honest, I haven't used them yet(!!!) and I'll explain a little more below. 

3. Chocolate and Vanilla Protein Powder -- I also got these to get in my collagen, whey protein and flavor into my healthy smoothies (as the recipe calls for). I ordered the chocolate first but realized I needed some cacao nibs as well (above) so as I waited for that order to come in, I used the vanilla and have been LOVING it -- it tastes so good!! And I haven't used the chocolate (or nibs) yet. So if you're looking for protein powder, I would recommend the vanilla! 

4. Natural Nail Polish Remover -- I recently ran out of nail polish remover and went to Amazon (as people do) to order a new one and was served this first and saw it had some amazing reviews. They were right! It works really well and doesn't strip the nail or have a crazy strong odor (I don't smell anything when I use it) It's almost nourishing for your nails after -- kinda oily feel -- excited to keep trying this out. 

5. Camera Charging Dock -- Since I've started vlogging, I need more batteries and I need them charged so when I run low I can just switch them out and keep going. Not super exciting or fancy but has really been a game changer for me!

6. Translucent Powder -- I was watching a video on YouTube after a girl went to a Makeup by Ariel masterclass (Kylie Jenners makeup artist) and said that he uses this on Kylie so obviously I had to get it as well. Ben Nye is a really good brand as well so thought I would try it out.

7. Under Eye Patches -- These were on the Allure best of beauty awards list for last year and I loved the idea behind them: put them on right before bed! That's the kind of beauty regimen I need lol. I do my nighttime skincare routine and add these on as I hop into bed then take them off once I'm actually ready to go to sleep. 

8. Earring Organizer -- This is one of the best purchases of the month and one that I will be doing a dedicated post on soon but wowowow I love this! I realized my jewelry box was kind of drowning in earrings and decided I needed to find a better way to organize them. The only issue is that I hated everything out there and nothing really worked for me. This one is foldable and easily stored away and for the most part unoffensive so I tried it out and it worked really well. 

9. Tula Face Wash -- This has been my go to for so many years! Had to restock from a previous empty bottle. 

10. Boot Shapers -- These will be another dedicated blog post but they are great! Just as advertised and my boots have never looked better. 

11. Shoe Slotz -- Same as above... post coming soon. These are the shit! The shoe-case has undergone a very seriously amazing transformation 

(not pictured because I forgot -____-)....

12. Powder Puff -- Another Kylie Jenner makeup tip that goes hand in hand with the powder. I really love them for applying powder along my cheeks and forehead. Got a three pack for super cheap!

13. Palmers Chapstick -- My sister got me hooked on this chapstick and now I'm sad whenever I don't have it. It's large and a lot but so good!

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