Best Resume Tips + A Day to Night LBD

Are you ready for a really cute outfit AND some fun work advice?? Because we're packing up todays post and coming at you with some real knowledge. 

Felicity & Co: Rita Wrap Dress / Ralph Lauren: Wool Camel Coat (more affordable version HERE) / Givenchy: Mini Antigonia Bag / Sam Edelman: Hazel Black Pumps

Today will be the last day I have long hair on the blog so soak it all in because tomorrow I cut off like 5 inches!!

ANYWAY wanted to share a little two-for-one post today: resume tips and a great wear to work dress that transitions so well into nighttime. Perfect for the office or meetings AND for a date night out or drinks with friends. If you remember wayyyyy back when, I posted about this dress in red and loved it just as much then as I do now. 

Funny enough, I styled it pretty much the same, we're standing in the same part of my bedroom snapping the photos AND I shared that it's a great day to night dress. LOL how original am I!

Everything I've said about this dress holds true: it's a great price point for a wrap dress, coming in at right under $100. It's versatile (especially the black color) and can really be dressed up or down. It's comfortable and it makes you feel good wearing it! I love it so much I now have it in two colors!

And with this being a great work dress to have in your rotation, I also wanted to share some fun work TIPS and advice about how to rock your resume! I took to you guys on stories and asked for your best advice (who knew I had so many wonderful women in HR following me!!) and here's what we came up with:

1. Send as a PDF -- this will keep the look and formatting of the document the same no matter the computer or service. The last thing you want is a messed up resume you worked so hard on!

2. Use bullet points -- make sure they are clear and concise and easy to read

3. Make sure your margins are lined up and that it has an overall clean look to it -- you want your resume to be easy to read and follow. Anyone would have ocd looking at a resume that is tilted or off in terms of lines and spacing. 

4. White space is your friend -- don't write a novel and think you need to fill the entire page with words! White space is a good thing and should be treated as such.

5. Create it via Cava -- a lot of you recommended this as a great (and free) service to help build custom resumes! I will have to check it out for myself as well.

6. Keep it to one page -- heard this from just about everyone! Give them the best of the best and keep it to one page. I personally don't include any work past 5 years on the resume -- no one needs to see where I interned in college now that I'm 27!

7. Use Arial font -- (or a common font other than Times New Roman) A couple of you mentioned changing up the font, one just to change it up and two to help the resume readers read it better. I never thought of this!

8. Make it eye catching but still simple -- the debate between having something unique and eye catching vs keeping it simple lives on! I think there is a delicate balance where you can make it custom to yourself and different for the reader but also keep it simple and clean. You just need to find what is right for you!

9. Make sure everything is the same tense -- Never thought about this, but it totally makes sense! Keep all your word tenses the same when talking about your work and your overall resume.

10. Education should be last (for those with work experience) -- just drop that down at the bottom, make sure that the most important things are at the top like skills and job descriptions. 

On the Resume:
1. Pull words from the job description and edit your resume each time you send it out -- everyone should be doing this. A one size fits all resume just wont cut it nowadays. Always keep it truthful (duh) but spice it up for job to job. Pull out why you're a great fit for that particular role and share it in specifics on your resume!

2. Under your job description, focus on accomplishments and impacts vs the tasks you did -- I love this! Instead of saying what you did on a day to day basis, talk instead about your accomplishments and the impact you made on your role. This will help show real differences you've made in the past and help future job prospects inspired you can do the same for them.

3. Ditch the objective statement and cover letter -- Unless they ask for it of course! This is something that (in my opinion) is very old school resumes. We all know your objective is to get the role you're applying for. As for cover letters, when we were hiring at work I never liked reading any of them. I just wanted to know more about the persons work experience and past!

4. Don't put your address -- who knew! I guess this can cause bias on the hiring managers part and it's best to be more general in terms of where you live (i.e. "Greater New York City Area").

5. Add numbers -- Something I need to do for sure but people love numbers! Hit them with the growth %, total revenue managed, overall average impact. Give the people physical numbers to show success. 

Once done:
Proof read it! Check for spelling and grammar edits. Then send it out to your friends, family, mentors, people in the industry -- whomever!! -- to look over it, edit, give feedback, etc

And that's it! Do you have other recommendations for resume tips and advice? Do you agree/not agree with what we listed out above?? Would love to hear from you below!


  1. Love these tips! A quick warning about using a Canva resume is that they don't always populate/pull the information correctly in HR systems! I noticed a HUGE difference in getting calls back when I switched from my fancy Canva, infographic resume to a boring Word PDF. I still love my Canva resume and bring it into interviews once I've made it past the HR system or use it when I have a direct contact at a company to pass it along manually.

  2. Interesting! I'm a recruiter and I think a lot of these tips are on the money. We prefer resumes in Word format because if we submit you to a client, we need to remove contact information to ensure we stay "in the process." However, we can always ask for the Word format after the initial PDF application. Also, people are definitely allowed to have more than one page but I generally say no more than two pages, and only when you've had about 10 years of experience or more. At that point you would still want to list some of the earlier career experiences because we will ALWAYS ask about them! 100% correct about the impact numbers and accomplishments instead of just outlining tasks.

  3. The one page rule varies by industry and experience. For positions in higher education, it's usually 2-3 pages. If you have 10 plus years of experience and advanced degrees, you are going to need two pages. You definitely do not need to list your address anymore, but may consider mentioned if you are relocating to an area or if a position specifies local applicants only.

  4. I've been reading a lot of resumes lately for engineers and I think different industries are a bit different for resumes as a note. In general yes to all of your notes above. I will say yes to 2 pages if you have over 10 years because you can't fit enough onto 1 to make it through the screening process. On moving education to the bottom most of the time yes but not if it's required in the job description. For example must have a engineering degree in x, y, z, must have a masters in x or y. Also if you change up your resume for each job and are posting the resumes on sites like indeed, linkedin, or any site that companies use web crawlers to search....my personal pet peeve is when I conduct a phone interview and the person says "sorry what version of my resume are you looking at?" face palm! I hope your search is going well!! -Shana

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  6. These are all great tips!! I'm also seeing more and more people add a short "brand statement" to the top of the resume. It sort of replaces the cover letter. It's usually 5-6 sentences about your overall career path, what you can bring to the table and top accomplishments. Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are all wonderful tips. I never thought to send my resume as PDF. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Maria

  8. Wowwwww that dress!! Looks phenomenal on you!
    And some excellent resume tips, thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the dress and you look fantastic in it. FYI, Scholastic has a Manager, Social Media & Marketing position opening in NYC posted on their Teacher Store website.


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