(post) Weekend Update: February 25 + No Shop Week 3

I wasn't able to get this post up on Friday since we were in Vegas and the time change really messed me up!! But still wanted to share so here we go...

No Shopping Update: I've still been really good about no shopping outside of buying one thing from Sephora. Tati posted about an oil foundation that I just knew would sell out quick (and it did) so I took the chance a bought it. I have been window shopping more online of things I want to buy when March rolls around and I've been good about figuring out if I really need it versus just buying on impulse. 

I do have more wedding related things coming up I need to shop for that has me excited like my bachelorette and my shower! I'm just hoping all the white things will come out when March is here! 

If I Were Shopping:

Weekend Plans: We just got back from Vegas!! I took Andrew there for his birthday and we ended up surprising him with his best friend and his wife on the trip as well. It was such a fun weekend filled with wayyyyy too much food and spending a lot of money at the casino lol but was just such a great trip. Vegas with friends is always a good time!

NYC Life: Not much to report on this front other than workouts. I'm nearing the end of my monthly unlimited with SLT and going to try and figure out if I want to re-up again for March. It's sooo expensive but it really is working so I really am unsure!! I want to be in good shape for my bachelorette party!

Most Popular Item This Week: These Levi's ripped jeans from last weeks blog post, that are now back in stock!! Be sure to snag them while you can in your size because they sell out quickly

A Must Listen: Grace's podcast, Bad on Paper, featuring Blair Edie from Atlantic-Pacific! It was a great podcast (as they all are) and definitely worth a listen!

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