How I Store and Organize My Shoes

I get it, I have a lot of shoes! But you'd be surprised to know that with each season, I wear all of them (well, maybe like 95% of them). 


Ted Baker: Gianori Off the Shoulder White Top / Mott and Bow: Jane Jeans c/o / Imagine by Vince Camuto: White Crystal Embellished Quarter Strap Pump / Nicola Bathie: Bow Earrings / Ikea: Pax Wardrobe Shelf / ShoeSlotz: Shoe Organizer / Amazon: Boot Shapers

I feel like you can tell a lot by a girls shoe and if mine say anything I think it's comfortable but fancy lol. There is no shoe in the world that I love more than some Chanel flats! Especially for work, those are a go to that can be worn all year long and will never go out of style.

While this may look organized and nice now, it's been a growing mess for a couple months now. I just had too many shoes to fit in the case and I kind of have a rule that if it doesn't fit, something needs to go. I was just running out of space and as the flat collection kept growing, the shelfs got more and more crowded.

I found myself super inspired by Julia's post and how she had her shoes organized and decided to try out these white shoe slotz for myself. 4 boxes later, I was in love and organized!! The biggest difference it made in my space was with my flat shoes -- instead of side by side they are now stacked on top of each other and WOW did the space just open up.

Now I could finally fit all of my shoes in the case! I ended up buying a box or two more than I needed and decided to also use them for my heels which... work but not as perfectly as my flat shoes.

Then, it came to my boots. UGH my boots. They are all knee high or over the knee and that just meant that the shaft would always fall over. It was a mess. So I first stuffed my boots with extra t-shirts and paper which worked fine but not nearly as well as these boot shapers. I didn't even need to adjust the size or them -- they were perfect for my boots as is.

And to show the before/after of the boot shapers... they are really legit!



  1. Looking good there! That's the same way I store my shoes :-) For knee-high boots, I found a cheap solution in empty water/soda bottles. Costs next to nothing and does the trick just fine. In boots with narrower ankles, it helps to put them in head first.

  2. This is amazing! I'll be moving to a new apartment later this year so I need to look into those shoe organizers you use.

    xoxo A

  3. If I had space for a shoe shelf and those organizers, I would totally do it!! So easy, and so practical! Also can we just take a minute to admire that amazing shoe collection :)

    xx Libby

  4. I need some SERIOUS help when it comes to organizing my shoes! Love this post, Krista!

    The Champagne Edit

  5. buying now!! organized my shoe cabinet and counted all of my flats to make sure that this would work for me and I think it will!


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