No Shop February

Guys, I'm going to do it, it's starting today and I'm so excited!!! 

The holidays are exhausting (like I'm still exhausted from it) -- and the promotion and consumption can just be a lot at times. Then January rolls around and you're off to a fresh start in just about every category (money included). This January has been a little bit different for me since it will be my first full month "unemployed" -- putting that in quotation marks only because I technically work for Covering the Bases Inc. but it's my first full month without working at MLB.

Which, as I'm writing that is so so crazy to me. I'm getting all sweaty just thinking about it... This month kind of flew by and looking back it was the longest but fastest month ever. A whole month without going into the office -- that's crazy! 

ANYWAY maybe my thoughts on all of that a little later... lets circle back to why we're all here. So obviously a loss of income is hard and I need to re-find a financial balance with myself and my new normal. But what I've noticed is that since I'm home more, I'm spending more. Maybe not more on food and cabs but more on clothes and non necessary items. Maybe I get bored or just have more free time than I did in the past. Whatever reason, I need to take a break.

I know this is going to sound soooo dumb but I'm exhausted and overwhelmed with shopping. I'm excited when I buy it and excited when I get it in but then overwhelmed when it's in the apartment. I feel like I'm drowning in things and since I'm here all day during the week, I think its really starting to get to me.

It's time to hit refresh. I want to put a major hold on my spending (in all categories) for a month and reevaluate in March. Blogging is such a catch 22 because I make money off of promotion and people buying things and therefore need to find new things for people to buy. But I'm just over it right now. Good thing is that I'm starting to switch to more lifestyle content anyway on the blog so hopefully that can help me balance everything out. WHO KNOWS.

So I hope to check in each week to give you guys an update, hold myself accountable for everything and keep track of where my money is being spent. I'm looking to completely stop shopping for clothes, makeup, accessories, beauty, home. I'm going to give myself a weekly allowance for food (meals out with friends) and travel (getting to/from classes). And my only exceptions for this month are 1) sponsored posts -- if I need to buy something for a campaign, I'm allowed to, 2) anything related to the wedding and 3) Andrews birthday trip (he doesn't know where we're going) but I'll need to make some exceptions for this trip but still no shopping.

Excited to do this, and hope you're excited to follow along! I did this last March and am going to be much more strict about it all.

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