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It's been a hot minute since I formally shared my workout routine. I thought we'd take today to go through my class schedule, what's new, what I've given up and why I love it so much! 

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Not a ton has changed since my last update in September, but there have been some new additions I wanted to share. The biggest change is that in September I was working a full-time job, so that limited my class availability. I always joked when I saw girls working out during the day that if I didn't have a job, I'd have the best body in the world. Obviously extreme, but you get the joke.

And that's what I'm doing. As I look for new jobs, I'm taking this time to really work on my physical fitness. Who else has this much time to dedicate to working out? I've found that I love a good late morning class after the rush of people have cleared out. For the past month or so I've been going to a workout class six days a week. I'm constantly mixing the classes up and never (trying not to at least) repeating the same thing back-to-back. All my classes are low impact classes -- I would say maybe 305 would be the highest impact? -- so I know that I'm not going to hurt myself.

When I was doing BBG I knew that I was being really tough on my body, and my body responded to that with some knee issues. It wasn't something I could physically do long term and never more than 3x a week (maybe that's why she suggests it that way). But with my current routine, I'm doing something more sustainable long term while also mixing up which areas I work, how I stretch and even getting some cardio in!

Working out 6x a week, while a lot, is less rough on my body than when I was working out 3x a week. I really love my current routine and I love that it focuses on slimming and toning in a healthy way. Shall we get into it?

Barre3: This is nothing new. I'm still in love with my Barre3 classes and Dino. I love it so much I don't even like going to other Barre classes! What I like about this class is that you move around so much you really get your heart rate up and sweat a lot (at least I do).

Barre3 combines a focus on smaller, stabilizing muscles with big movements to get your heart rate up and isometric holds for the mind-body connection. The instructors are always supporting a healthy mindset, which I have really come to like. They are relatable and down to earth and will push you to be better!

305: I've started doing more 305 and now that I've gotten the hang of the movements I'm really loving it. I still liked it when I didn't know the moves and was timid, but now it's 10x more fun. I feel like I can really start to dance and bring out my personality. I'm still learning but feeling better each time I go!

305 is a high intensity cardio dance class that's based off and styled like a Miami club. There is a DJ in the corner, the regular lights are off and the colored lights are on. The first 30 minutes are straight cardio dancing, then you break for the 'theme' of the class (legs, arms, abs) and do more traditional movements. After that, you have a five-minute sprint to get your heart rate back up and end the class with a dance portion. Here we get into more booty popping, dropping low, club dancing. It's really fun and the instructors are SO high energy and crazy that it's contagious!

Y7: This is my hot yoga class. When I say hot I mean H-O-T. The lights are all off and the heat lamps are ON. Wow, you sweat so much in this class. I use this as my detox and stretch class. I sweat out a couple pounds of water while getting in a good yoga class and a great stretch of the mind and body.

Y7 is different than your traditional class because it moves to the flow of hip-hop and rap music. It's also a little faster paced than a normal class (which I love, Andrew doesn't). You do one flow with the instructor talking you through the movements. Then you do a faster one-breath flow (one breath in, one breath out for each move), then one at your own pace.

I like Y7 so much because I sweat a ton and it feels good to get it out. I also love it because it's dark so I don't feel judged for not being great at yoga. I'm pretty OK but in no way a yogi. It's also fun to flow to the music I love like Drake.

SLT: This is the new addition to my routine as of a couple weeks ago! SLT stands for strength, length, tone and it's a reformer pilates class. I found out yesterday that it's based off the Largee method so if you're wanting to do the same, Google that in your area! SLT is a very boutique (hello $$$) studio mainly based/franchised on the East Coast. Ashby and I decided to sign up for one unlimited month to see what it would do to our bodies.

I'll be doing a full one month review on it in March but I'm really liking it so far. It's so hard and I swear that during some moves my muscles are going to pop. It's something to get used to but I just did my sixth class and I felt GOOD about it. I felt like I was finally getting the hang of it and am really starting to feel stronger. What is so different about this class is that I hardly sweat at all. It's all very small isolated movements that are targeting a very specific area.

There is also a focus on core and sides, which are hard but getting easier. I think that is the biggest difference in all my classes is that we really go in on the midsection for a good portion of the 60 minutes. I don't really focus that much on core in my other classes.

Whew! Ok that is my current routine and I hope to dive deeper into each class in the near future. I'm thinking of doing a video sit down feature. This post might be all over the place because I'm currently writing it in the studio waiting for my 305 class (I forgot to write this last night!) to start. So sorry for any typos/confusing sentences lol.


ALSO really sad about this... that has nothing to do with this post... but this blog is hosted on blogger and they are getting rid of Google+ (which is whatever) but doing so has DELTED ALL OF MY BLOG COMMENTS so I literally have 0 on all my posts. I hate it so much I actually cried this morning. I love reading the comments and going back and seeing them in old posts. It's really sad and I'm sad for you guys as well because you all take the time to comment and share love and suggestions and now they're gone. Ugh. So depressed by it. Didn't think it would affect me the way it did but it did and now I'm all sad about it. So I'm sorry guys!

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