How I Organize My Earrings

Up until last week my earrings were stored in a box just packed and stacked on top of each other (see the picture below) and it was kind of driving me crazy. I needed something to help organize them and I finally found the perfect thing!

Enter this $13 foldable acrylic earring organizer into my life. I searched for days trying to find something I liked but all where very bohemian vibes where it was like strung up on lace and wood paneling. Oh and they were HUGE -- like hang on your wall huge. And no matter if you have all the earrings in the world or just 3; those never look cute!

So when I came across this one that folds, I was like heck. yes. I loved the idea of something I can fold and put away and only get when needed. I also liked that it was acrylic so it wouldn't be an eye sore. It's not the most well put together item but for $13 it really does the job.

I decided to organize by color and while there are a lot of holes for the earrings, I found that I did run out of space. I feel like all the organizers out there, aren't really made for statement earrings -- which is about all I own. So they were bulky on the stand and it doesn't close all the way but it still works for me (I can close it about 80% of the way flat).

The issue, as you can see above, is I have some really long and bulky earrings that kind of hang into the rows below them so it's hard to make it look nice and organized but I don't mind it! I'm really just happy that I can see all of my earrings at a glance and not have to go searching for the second pair when I'm running out the door. 

Truth be told, I should get another stand but I that would kind of ruin the idea of this being easy and non bulky lol. But I kind of really like the mess and chaos it creates -- it looks really pretty and while I said I didn't want something on display, I've found that it does look awful nice on my bookcase as is!!

A majority of my earrings are BaubleBar, Nordstrom, J. Crew, Tuckernuck and Etsy -- most of them are sold out/old BUTTTT I did want to mention that BaubleBar is having a crazy good sale right now and some of my very favorite earrings are around $15 -- like these white flower earrings (also in the bigger size), these tortoise heart earrings and these long tassel earrings!

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