The Perfect Casual Office Look

Just because I'm no longer in an office doesn't mean we can't still do some fun wear to work office looks right??


If my office attire had an aesthetic it would forever be a blazer and jeans. There is just nothing perfectly in-between about the look -- casual but dressed up (a la this post -- seem familiar?). A dark wash pair of jeans with a neutral top and a statement blazer -- what could go wrong?

My office was always casual meaning we could wear jeans during the week so this would work for me all the time but for those with a more business style office, say hello to your casual Friday. You never want to look like a slob to work because what you wear is a direct representation of who you are. So dress the part!

To dress this up, I would change out the pants for a navy high-waisted pair (like these from Banana) and a silk cami. You can even get away with some nice white pants to change up the look a bit. Maybe with a different color blue top under the jacket? There are so many ways to wear it!

For Halogen (who makes this jacket) -- definitely size down, I'm wearing a small here and it fits great. One thing I really love about halogen and what keeps me coming back for more is the fact that their items are SO well made and not extremely expensive. They are items that you keep in your closet forever and wear over and over again -- this jacket being a prime example. I mean where else are you going to get this nice and sturdy of a tweed jacket for around $100?


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