January Wedding Update

It's been a hot minute since I last gave you guys a formal wedding update! The end of last year obviously had other plans for how I would spend my time but lets catch you up on whats been going on...

I think everyone I talked to in the past 3 months has asked, "how's wedding planning going?" to which I say "fine, I think." LOL I'm either WAY in over my head and I don't even realize it or I'm the most chill bride ever. I feel like I haven't really done anything meaningful for the wedding since sending out our Save the Dates which was in November (rough estimate) last year!

I feel like there should be more I'm thinking about but my wedding is honestly so untraditional/outside of the norm that I'm not quite sure what I should/shouldn't be doing for it. I started writing out the things I have done and then brainstorming the things I need to do and whew that list is a lot longer than this one lolol but I guess (to my benefit) it's more of the small stuff -- the big things we've locked down! Like...

Our ceremony and reception venues: Both of those are locked in with contracts and deposits. I need to figure out when the next payment is owed but feeling really great about both of these! The only main thing here is figuring out rooms for everyone during the week and then the reshuffle of the weekend!

Our photographer/videographer*: This was one of the first things we locked in and we're so excited about it. Also need to check in on when the next deposit is due but ALSO need to figure out some other things like when they are getting there, how they are getting there, what room they'll be staying in (in the house), what we need to go over before the wedding, doing our engagement shoot (oops!), the inspiration and overall feel to everything, the run of show for them and I'm sure a lot of other little things that are on their check list!

In addition to that, I need to figure out what I'm doing for the party Friday and Saturday night when the rest of our guests arrive. I want to take photos of family and friends so I need to find someone to do that but hopefully someone that isn't super expensive that knows how to take good night/dark photos.

Our save the dates: these have been designed, sent out and posted about (here!) and couldn't love them more! Now it's on to figuring out the bridal shower invites and the full wedding suite invites.

The attire: My dress has been found and ordered and we're currently waiting for it to come in so I can start my fittings! As for Andrew, I know what he's wearing but we just need to lock that in with an order. Same thing for the rest of the guys! As for the girls, I need to follow up with everyone to make sure they are on track for finding something that works for them -- and find my sister(s!!) their dresses.

Our crest and wedding print: These are minor things that have been so much fun to create. Excited to show you more of what we have planned and in store for bringing these to life!

My Hair and Makeup*: It is confirmed that I'm doing my own makeup for the wedding -- and now I've been tinkering with the idea of doing my own hair for the wedding. I feel like it is totally doable and that it would all be fine but it's not set in stone yet. I want to do it myself because the place on the island is way too expensive and just seems like a lot of work. I don't want to do it myself because I feel like that would then leave the rest of the women to get ready on their own as well. Especially our moms, I want to make sure they feel as beautiful as I do at the wedding. If I could, I would do their makeup and hair too (I did my moms for my sisters wedding) but I feel like I would be too stressed to do all of that. Any ideas??

Decor: I have in my mind (like 80%) the plan and I have a few pieces (like flowers, vases, china, flatware) already bought and good to go but there is still a lot I need to find and order. The issue is what to do with it until September. I need to find a way to get some things to the island before I do to save us some room now and for later. 

Transportation: We have a part of this done but there is so much more that needs to be thought through and decided upon! We locked in the car ferry reservation for getting to the island. Now we just need to figure out if we should book another car, who is driving vs flying and how much room we'll need to bring all of the items to the island. 

Next up:

-We need to book a DJ -- we kept going back and forth about this but I think we're just going to pull the trigger and get it done.

-Shop for wedding bands -- this I am very excited and a little nervous about. My ring isn't really made for another ring to go with it so we'll have to get creative in what we decide!

-Lock in party rentals -- I have a contract for this, just need to talk it over with my dad and get a deposit over to them asap.

-Plan my bachelorette -- doing this with my sister and Caitlin! We have a date, just need to figure out a place we want to /can afford to go. Dying to go to St Barths lololol.

-Figure out the plan for our wedding shower -- we're thinking some time in May but outside of that (and having Shake Shack be served) we don't have many details. So we'll need to start working on that soon!

-Planning our wedding invitations -- maybe surprise to no one but I don't really know what I want our invitations to look like! I need to start looking around for ideas and inspiration. The only thing I do know is what the back of the invite will look like. I guess you have to start somewhere?? 

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Please drop your advice/recommendations/ideas below! What am I missing or not thinking of?? #help

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