Is Your Office Business or Casual?

I never really thought to ask before I started my wear to work series (silly, I know!) but I'd LOVE to hear from you if your office is more casual or business casual! While (of course) showing off a fun way to style suit separates for both occasions!


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I'm asking what is the MAIN dress code for your office? Business, business casual or casual? Example being if your office is business casual Monday - Thursday and casual on Friday -- you fall into the business casual category.

When I was working at MLB, my main office was casual (like SO casual) and our second office -- where we went once a week -- was business casual except on Fridays. Our business casual dress code all but meant just don't wear blue denim. My go-to was always a skirt or a dress in spring and summer (and sometimes fall) and then winter break out the work pants. 

In the back of my mind I've always wanted to work at a place that is more business attire but I know myself and I know that after like a week I'd be so over it lol. I just LOVE when I see women truly dressed up and looking so so chic in their work clothes. But as we know, I'm a jeans and flats kind of girl so I feel like I'd run out of ideas asap!

I feel like more offices nowadays are leaning towards the casual side of things where it's dress for your day and your job -- if you're going to a meeting, look nice; if you're sitting at your desk all day, jeans and a t-shrit are fine. 

But maybe that's just my perception of things -- so I'd love to hear from you on what your office attire is. If there seems to be a large majority I'd love to start catering some specific looks for you guys and how to dress for the office in a cool and not break the bank kind of way. Also totally down to restyle some items in my closet that are my tried and true pieces! So let me know in a quick comment down below what you normally wear to the office during the week and what the dress code is for your work!

We took these photos originally just for an IG post (I'm doing a giveaway with Red Fleece later tonight around 8:30pm ET!!) but I loved these looks so much that I knew I wanted to share them on the blog. There are so many fun ways to style a suit separate -- I feel like the mix and matching of everything can just make the whole thing more fun! All the Red Fleece items are on sale as well so snag it while you can!


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