Weekend Update: January 25

Happy Friday friends! Anyone else get through the week and are like so proud you did it? Because you should be!

-Found my blue jacket in my size and I'm SO excited to get it in
-Trying out two new pairs of white shoes (here and here) for the wedding 

Weekend Plans: We are in Atlanta this weekend celebrating my nephews first birthday! Thankfully we got out without any major trouble during the storm yesterday. Just excited to be somewhere that isn't AS cold as NYC. I won't be vlogging while I'm here so no new post on Saturday for those watching!

Most Popular Item of the Week: These white pants for work were a big big hit!

Favorite Finds:
-So happy for Mackenzie and her brother for launching their Nantucket Print Shop -- everything is SO cute
-Super cute wedges for warmer weather

A Must Watch: Fyre Festival documentaries! Andrew and I watched the Hulu and Netflix one and it was SO good. Crazy how it all happened and went down. 

Amazon Purchases of the Week: Not much on the amazon front this week so sharing from the last couple weeks!
-Shoe space savers (that I saw on Julias instagram!)

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