Year in Review: 2018

One of my favorite posts to put together and even more, look back on is here! I hope you enjoy this quick little roundup from 2018 as we look to start the new year soon!

5 Favorite Things I Bought:
5 Things I Couldn't Survive Without:
  • AirPods (review here) -- I have these everywhere I go and honestly don't know how I ever survived without them. Not having cords is so freeing! 
  • Vince Sneakers (styled here) -- My most beloved sneakers. They are insanely comfortable and go with just about everything and can be worn all year long. Worth the investment.
  • AG Farrah Jeans (review here) -- My love for these jeans have not stopped!
  • My go to dry shampoo -- I can do a review on this if you want but I love the pump on this so it lasts a really long time, the smell is not totally consuming and it does a really great job of absorbing into my hair without leaving anything behind!
  • The wacoal bra I wear every day -- my go to bra that I own two of. So comfortable, super supportive and it holds up!
Most Clicked On Items:
Most Purchased Items:
Most Popular Blog Series: All things wedding! Any surprises here?

Top 5 Blog Posts: You can see them all HERE -- such a fun post from earlier this week.

Our Top 5 Places to Shop:
My Favorite Sponsored Post: With eBay! I've been a BIG eBay shopper for so long (since I had my own money lol) and I feel so lucky to have partnered with them again this year -- heres to hoping it continues! 

Covering the Bases By the Numbers...
  • 21% YoY Blog Traffic Growth
  • 203 blog posts
  • 231 Instagram posts
  • 3.13% Average Engagement on Instagram
Top 5 Blog Traffic Rankings:
Most Liked Instagram's of 2018:


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And that raps up a great year! All will continue like normal, this week was just my "filler" week of recaps for the year and the blog. I usually post these during the last week of the year but Christmas/New Years came on such weird dates thought that we could just get these up now and start our year on CTB early! 

I wanted to personally say thank you for a really wonderful year. We'll take a deeper dive into everything in 2019 but this year personally had a lot of highs and some pretty dark lows. I don't know where I'd be without you guys and I wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, how much I appreciate each and every one of you reading this. The blog has been a lover and a hater this past year and I'm sure those loyal readers out there can tell my heart and head was elsewhere the later half of this year. I'm getting better and feel a lot happier as of late so I think that will start to show back here again soon. I'm grateful for this little corner of the internet and extra grateful that you still come to read here everyday when the world is transferring more to social, you taking the extra 2 minutes to stop by really does mean a lot to me. We will talk soon, I love you.

Cheers to a wonderful 2019! You can read 2017's year in review here

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