2018 Travel

This year (compared to past years) was a lot less travel for us. We didn't go out of the country which is a first since we started dating but 2018 was filled with lot of celebrating with family and friends. 2018 was the year of weddings and that put a big dent in our personal travel. We celebrated 7 weddings this year and also started saving for our own and traveling to our destination to get some work done. While it's not as flashy and exciting, I had just as fun this year as any other in years past!

Atlanta to meet our baby nephew!

Las Vegas for Andrew's birthday

Girls trip to Palm Beach

Chicago for my moms birthday 

Charlotte for Caitlins shower

Birthday trip to Nantucket

Bringatine for Allisons bachelorette

Charleston for Caitlins wedding 

Back to Nantucket for a couples trip

Chicago for the 4th of July

Nantucket for a press trip

Atlanta for wedding dress shopping and my nieces birthday 

Nantucket (again) for some wedding things

Lexington for my best friends wedding

One last time on Nantucket to stay at our venue

Thanksgiving in Raleigh 

and currently Christmas in Chicago!

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