Neutral Holiday Sequins

The holidays aren't the holidays without a little sequins, am I right?? That and a fun pop of color on your feet make the ideal look.


I really love how this look turned out with the different textures but similar colors. I loved it so much I started thinking of all the ways it could be worn: office holiday party, family party, secret santa, a nicer night out with friends and to NYE (when you want to be warm but festive).

I think I may try and rewear this for our New Year Eve plans but it's all a little TBD. I know we're going to a nicer dinner with friends but trying to figure out how formal vs club it may be lol. As we can assume, I'm not a club going kind of gal. But at the ver minimum I can always switch the sweater for a tank and make it a little more "cool girl" vs grandma lol.

The only thing is I LOVE this sweater. I think everyone needs to own it and it's easily most most worn thing over the past month from my closet. It's just so soft, it's pretty warm and it gives the look of a turtleneck without the hassle of one. 

As for the shoes, they are new! Well new to the blog. I found a really great deal for them on eBay -- one too god to pass up! I do love them so much and they are in the running to be my wedding shoes. Kind of basic, but I really love how they look and the heel is the shorter version so they won't hurt as much!


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