A Festive Holiday Office Look

Everyone needs a great holiday office look right? This one is mine and I just love how it all pairs together.


Old Navy: Navy Peacoat / Noisy May: Ridley Turtleneck Sweater / J. Crew: Martie Slim Crop Tartan Pant / Sam Edelman: Hazel Pump / Tuckernuck: Birdcage Gold Earrings / Chanel: Navy Double Flap Bag 

I have been on a HUNT for a nice (yet affordable) short navy peacoat and I think I've finally found one! I was returning some items at Old Navy when I saw this and tried it on. It was perfect (wearing a size M) and on sale for 50% off so what is not to love about it. I only wish the buttons were gold but thats just the type of jacket I had in mind. Honestly, it's perfect the way it is.

I also knew when I brought it home it would be perfect with my plaid pants from J. Crew. I love their work pants and it makes it that much more fun when they are a cute holiday plaid. You can totally wear this all winter long (not just in December) because black watch plaid is a classic print -- you can't go wrong!

Technically I *should* have worn navy pumps but I kind of really liked the look of the plaid with the black. Especially when you take off the jacket for work, the whole look just works. I personally really love this look even though it might not be the most amazing thing in the world. It's something that makes me happy and I hope you guys enjoy it too!


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