Wedding Dress Shopping


So excited to share this video with you guys! I went to Atlanta a couple months ago to go dress shopping for the first time (and totally thinking I wouldn't find anything) and ended up finding "the one"!

We went shopping in Atlanta because my mom and sister would be there and it's hard to get us all together in one place. So we took the opportunity and scheduled two appointments -- one at Kelly's Closet and one at BHLDN. 
For dress shopping I found that it was helpful to research designers you like first and then find stores that carry them. I was really into Alexandra Grecco and Sarah Seven and that is why we went to Kelly's Closet. It was a really fun experience even though I was nervous as hell going into it. No one ever mentions how scary it can be trying to find ONE dress that will be the biggest dress you'll ever wear. 
I was CONVINCED I wouldn't be moved by any dress and certain that I wouldn't get that feeling when I found "the one." Well, I did. And I cried each time I put it on. And it was like the 7th dress I tried on!! I will give the credit (and the cost) to my sister for picking it out. I skimmed right over it on the rack because I knew it would be more than I wanted to pay for a dress but here we are.
We waited about a week before pulling the trigger to buy but to this day I can't stop thinking about it. It's very me but still very different. I don't know how to explain it but I never knew I could love a dress so much. It's classic and traditional and most importantly simple BUT it's different and fun and has a good amount of drama. Everything I wanted that I never knew I truly needed in a dress.
I'm really excited to share it with you guys on the big day. We're about 10 months out now! Can you wait that long??
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