My First Time


I have something that I'm not *super* excited to share, but maybe by sharing it makes both of us feel that we're not the only people in the same position.

I've never voted.

I've always made excuses for myself and was far too nervous to actually vote. Where do I go? What do I do? What if I do it wrong? What if I don't understand the ballot? Will it be easy to read? What if they turn me away?

All totally logical and yet illogical thoughts running through my mind leading up to it. So I just stayed away. In return I've told myself I can't really complain about politics. Not that I ever would on my blog or really anywhere... but I don't (in my mind) have a *right* to complain since I didn't make my voice heard by voting.

Moving around a lot made it kind of hard to vote -- I was registered in IL when I lived in KY and registered in KY when I lived in New York. But now, it has changed. I am a registered voter in New York, the polling place for my district is IN my apartment building and today I will cast my first vote.

I'm still pretty nervous and will admit that I'm making Andrew come down with me (post voting update, he was so great and while it was supportive to have him there, if you don't have your own Andrew the people at the polls are so nice and happy to help). I've done my top level research on candidates and issues. I know what I need to bring, I know where I need to go, I have an idea of what I'll do.

And I hope you do the same today. No matter your political affiliation, I feel like it's an important election to vote in -- ether side. 

So google where to vote (google tells you just about everything you need to know), do some reading, and get to the polls. Vote with me for the first time, or keep leading the way by voting again.

Today is the day I can proudly say that I voted the first time in a US Election. 

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