Saturday Shopping

Thinking about trying something new... let me know if you guys are into it and if so what else you'd like to see featured!

Honestly one of my very favorite things is to shop for discounts on designer items. Finding a good deal is thrilling to me and I swear I will spend my free time just searching the web and seeing what is out there. I love following Thrift and Tell on Instagram (go follow her!!) and she is the inspiration behind this post... seeing as I had no idea that fashionphile had an outlet!

So I really was wishlist shopping for myself but then I started looking for more and more and then decided to make this post. All of my links are from reputable sellers that I myself would (or have in the past) buy from. I think they are pretty good deals! I obviously have favorite items I like to look for but lmk in the comments below if there is something you are looking for and I can include it in next weeks post!

To shop click on the photo or the link (with price + sizing) below!

Chanel All Black East West Bag $730 (or best offer -- LOVE the all black)

(This has been on my watch list for MONTHS) Chanel Blue Quilted Bag $1,099

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