2018 Gift Guide: Amazon

First gift guide of the season HOLLAAA! This year I plan to do fewer guides but with more substantial things. And my promise to you is that you won't see these things anywhere else. My gift guides are going to be based on what I love and have given and not what I think will "sell best" or just for link drops. It's going to be random and weird but it's going to be great. Enjoy!

One // Dyson Cordless Vacuum -- Easily the most expensive thing on this list, but I swear worth every penny. We have this and we LOVE it. Vacuuming is fun with this vacuum! It's light, easy to use, cordless (which is the best) and doesn't take up to much room. I don't know how we ever survived without it. This is also a great gift for new couples, parents or new homeowners! 

Two // InstaPot -- Andrew got this last year for Christmas (we have the small one) and we're even surprised at how much we use this! We cook everything in it -- wings, meatballs, chicken, soup -- it's totally something you never knew you needed. 

Three // ID Theft Roller -- Hear me out on this one because it's truly amazing. My mom got me one randomly a few years ago and I have since repurchased my own. I use it for ALL the mail that I get that has important information that I don't want out there (think bank statements, investments, account numbers... etc). I roll this over anything I need to remain private and it totally blacks it out with other numbers and letters so my information is totally unreadable. This is especially great since I don't have access to a shredder everyday. I feel much safer using it!

Four // Ice Roller -- One of my best purchases of 2018 is this ice roller. You can read all about the benefits of it here but this is literally for anyone on your list that is a woman, gets migraines, cares about skincare, has acne or gets hangovers. For $12, what more could you want??

Five // Blue and White Tea Set -- Kind of random but this is a great gift for any blue and white lover. I use this to make tea (duh) but it's even more fun to have around the house and for company to enjoy!

Six // OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer -- OXO is one of my favorite kitchen brands and this does not disappoint! I mean why do I need 4 items to help me cut, de-seed and slice an avocado?? This does it all and it does it well. 

Seven // SipCaddy -- For when you need your wine in the shower or tub. Duh

Eight // Snap N Strain Strainer -- I cannot tell you how annoying I think strainers are. It just never seems to work out and all is lost (literally). This strainer (while still very new) has been SO easy to use and it fits on just about anything. I don't know who you'd get this for but I just love it so much I needed to share.

Nine // Lemon Lime Squeeze -- Another random one but it comes in handy more than you would think!!

Ten // Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray -- Think of this as a great gag gift or a funny stocking stuffer. You spray a little in the toilet, you do your business and then you walk out NOT feeling embarrassed. It works like a charm and honestly will be used more times than you would think! (work, company over, dating someone, someones house... it happens a lot!)

Eleven // Amazon Echo -- She can be pretty annoying at times because she doesn't know much BUT I will say she is 100% worth it for playing music and shutting off my lights (I have a smart plug set up). It's a truly great speaker and it's nice to have it hands free to do other things. We use her for music, weather (every day), alarms, timers and Jeopardy!

Twelve // Fur Wizard -- I got this for myself and my sister last year and I'm not sure about her but Andrew and I use this ALL the time for Dixies hair. It gets everywhere and we found that we were using sheets upon sheets of a lint roller just to de-fur our clothing. This is the easiest hair removal ever -- we use it for everything big to small -- pants, pillows, couches, luggage -- you name it! I love that it's self cleaning and easy to use.

Thirteen // Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock -- Especially great since we just changed times; this is a wonderful way to wake up! It mimics the sun so your wakeup/asleep time is more natural and healthy. A great gift for anyone who has everyt else!

Fourteen // Furbo Pet Camera -- Another really great gift for all my pet owners out there! We use this for when we are on trips longer than a few days to spy I mean check in on Dixie. It's a video camera that you can access through your phone on the go and it has a two way microphone (this is where it's better for dogs so you can hear if they are barking or not). AND you're able to give them treats while you're away! We've used this for years and have also given it to friends who continue to love it as much as we do. 

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