Weekend Update: November 9

Happy Friday! It's been a long and hard week over here, I think I'll probably touch on it next week but until then please enjoy my week-end update below! Also for those asking, here is the dress above -- wearing a 6R.

-The most popular dress of all time now comes in fun metallic shades so I had to try it out
-Finally bought this feather sweater top (it's finally on sale!!)
-Bit the bullet and ordered a pair of birdies (hoping they are as comfortable as advertised)
-This leather mini skirt in camel. We'll see how it goes

Weekend Plans: Oh boy do I have a FULL weekend ahead of me. Andrew is gone so we won't be shooting or going up to Westchester so I'm taking that time to CLEAN (up and out) the apartment, work on my gift guides, start planning holiday content, put up our tree, edit photos, write posts, film, edit videos and try to find time to eat and sleep somewhere in there lol.

NYC Life: This week kind of flew by in the slowest way if that makes ANY sense at all. After work this week was barre, a facial, yoga, dinner with my friend Louise at Cookshop(!!) and tonight I'll be heading to the Fossil pop up in Soho for a meditation class which I am really excited about. 

Favorite Finds:
-A black fringe mini dress! How fun!!
-The mock neck sweater of my dreams
-This is a great dress for a winter wedding
-My favorite one piece of all time now comes in red! I have it in black and white and love it

A Must Watch: The same interview with Billie Eilish one year apart. Its fascinating and really really sad because she just seems to be hurting so much. Just want to give her a hug!

Song of the Week: Due to the above, I fell down the rabbit hole and now love "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilsih.

Gift of the Week: These bluetooth earmuffs. I had the pair of these that plugged into my phone a year or two back but since I don't have an aux outlet on my phone anymore they became obsolete. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I love these earmuffs and I know they will make a great gift for anyone on your list. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: You guys were loving these mens lookalike Gucci loafers -- I swear they are the exact same shoe. I got them for Andrew in brown and black they are too good!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: Ready for these random ass things I got from Amazon this week?
--A silicone pot strainer that fits any pot and hopefully makes it easier to strain things!!
--A ring light for your computer or phone. Like kind of brilliant right?
--This crossbody bag that looks JUST like this Gucci one I've been wanting for years
--Made the switch to natural deodorant and loving this ones of far. It actually smells SO good.
--Trying to find silk flowers for my wedding and found these white peonies that are amazing irl

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