What Will Your Bridesmaids Wear?

So it's kind of a loaded question and therefore hard to answer, but let me explain...

I'm only going to have one true "bridesmaid" which will be my sister who will be my maid of honor. Andrew and I are keeping the whole wedding very small so we'll only have one person each standing with us. BUT (and this is where things get a little different...) every girl who will be at the wedding would for the most part be in my bridal party. Really what would be our wedding party/group will be the people at the wedding -- if that makes sense.
So they are pseudo-bridesmaids without any of the stress/hassle/expense (I hope!). The girls who will be at the wedding are my sister, my future SIL, my best friend and Andrew's best mans wife. All girls I love very much and all girls that I'm excited to have be apart of my big day. Outside of those people, the only other women at the wedding will be our moms and my grandma. 
My plan for everyone is to have them pick out whatever they want to wear, whatever makes them comfortable and whatever is within their budget. To make it cohesive, I'm asking everyones dress to be maxi/floor length and I'll stick to certain colors for each group.
I'm leaning toward white for the girls, blue for the moms and a lighter blue for my grandma (but honestly she can wear whatever she wants because she's the boss!). I know that white may be taboo to some and too trendy for others but as of right now thats where I'm leaning. This last photo above ^ I found before I was even thinking of a wedding and fell in love with the look. I love that it was cohesive but yet spoke to each girls style. They just look like cool girls! It's classic and formal all while being a little casual and trendy. I think it's my ideal kind of style!
And since I know what dress I'll be wearing (!!!!!) I can give the girls some guidelines as to the kind/style of dress they need to stay away from. My dress is unique enough so there won't be any issue of who is the bride :) So if all goes well everyone can find their own ready to wear dress from their favorite store. 
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