Weekend Update: October 6

Happy Saturday! This post is a day late because this week realllllyyy got away from me. The dress above is from an old post (that you can find here). Hope you're having a great weekend!
-Testing out this new primer
-(another) skirt for fall lol
-These are for Andrew, but new Kenneth Cole loafers that look IDENTICAL to Gucci's

Weekend Plans: Lots of events!! I visited the Chambord house as part of Bridal Fashion Week, Andrew and I went to New Jersey to participate in the muddiest obstacle of a Tough Mudder event, and now Kentucky football plays tonight! Tomorrow we will shoot some more for the blog and head up to his parents' for dinner. 

NYC Life: This week was very busy! A facial with Bonnie on Monday, Barre3 on Tuesday with a new instructor, Kelly, who KICKED my butt lol. Wednesday was the Yankees Wild Card game (they won)! Thursday was 305 class and Friday was an Exhale class followed by the Chambord House. Between the MLB Postseason and Q4 starting for the blog, I am B-U-S-Y. Wow am I busy. I'm juggling so much right now I'm trying not to drop anything important. 

Most Popular Item This Week: Just my favorite, most comfortable shoes of all time!

A Must Watch: Idk if this is a "must" but I've been watching Shan Dawson's new series on Jake Paul and find it very interesting at times. At others, I think it's a little overdone to be honest. I find myself wanting to know more and see how this series plays out. 

Amazon Purchases Of the Week: I actually placed an Amazon Wardrobe order! I originally did it because I couldn't decide between which loafer color I wanted. Then I added some possible party shoes into the mix and a pair for review here on the blog!

-Loraine Loafer (I have these in black and gingham and love them!) in brown and a lighter brown.
--Thees are the shoes for review! I want to see how they compare to the Hermes slides. 
--Party shoes... 

And for my regular order...
-Got a new bronzer brush (v expensive it better be worth it!!)
-Ran out of my Tula face wash so I got a new one
-And will try out their exfoliating mask to see how it works
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