Weekend Update: September 21

I CANNOT believe we're are a week away from October!!! Where did September go? I just don't understand it. Fall is here and that means the postseason is too!

Weekend Plans: I am off to Atlanta this weekend! Mainly to celebrate my niece's birthday but also to go wedding dress shopping! I'm very excited to be with the family and spend the weekend with them and Andrew. Atlanta is always a really fun time.

NYC Life: Guys, I'm a workout classer now. I've been working out about 3x a week for the past month and it had been fun, exhausting and time consuming. I blame me not blogging partly on this but it's really just trying to figure out how to add another thing into my life. Soon I'll figure out how to balance and all will be back to normal -- so just bear with me! Monday's I like to do Barre3, Tuesdays I normally do Exhale but this past week I went to TrampoLEAN and then Thursdays are 305 (which is new to me and very fun).

Most Popular Item This Week: My fisherman sweater!

Favorite Finds: 
-My favorite tank but now in velvet
-A great white work blouse
-Navy workout leggings
-White tube top (who am I??)
-Hooded down moto jacket
-Pearl collar blouse

Amazon Purchases Of the Week: 
-6 Wooden Puzzles lol so we can play at work
-Some gifts for my niece (Dittie, don't click!) this, this and this.
-New "costal" shower hooks
-Nexcare acne covers (they're kind of like bandaids??)
-More blue and white dishes!!

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