My Current Workout Routine

I may not be buff but I am trying to get there! See what I'm doing now that I am back on the workout train... 

I will admit that after I finished BBG 1.0 I was burned out. It probably didn't help that summer was officially here, our travel schedule picked up and my accountability partner (Andrew) started playing baseball instead of working out. So I stopped working out. I got out of shape and was bummed about and tried to get into BBG 2.0 and got 4 weeks in before quitting.

Don't get me wrong. I loved BBG and I still very much recommend it. I just got tired of doing the same thing every time and it was really starting to hurt my knees and joints. Then my motivation stopped all together until a press trip to Nantucket. 

I was there with Popsugar and over the weekend we had a Barre3 instructor come for a morning class. I had never done any kind of Barre before so was pretty excited to try. But boy I had NEVER been as sore as I was after that. It lasted I swear for a week. I told all my friends about it and how we'd have to try it together so they could understand. Thats when a friend recommended me to ClassPass.

For those who don't know, ClassPass is an app (they have it for cities all over the US) where you pay a monthly fee (you pick your price plan) and get a certain number of credits. Those credits allow you to book classes all over the city each month.

They have SO many classes, times, locations depending on what you want to do and what works best. You can book up to a week in advance and just show up! I've been loving it so much that I didn't renew my gym membership!

I think the thing I like about it the most is that you can change it up. You can take 10 different kinds of barre classes or different boxing classes if you want to do something new. There are so many kinds of classes and spa items on the app the possibilities are endless. 

And with all that jimmer jammer, lets talk about what I've been doing! I've been trying to do 3 things a week -- usually Monday/Tuesday Exhale/Barre3 and Thursday/Friday 305 but will mix in things like a trampoline class or other barre classes. 

Barre3 -- This is probably my favorite class. I like that it pushes me physically and really gets my heart rate up and the sweat pumping. In class I'm always pushing myself to the point where I feel like I have nothing left and my legs shake in the craziest way. But thats a good thing! It's a good sign. I think I like the most that its not hard on your joints. I never feel like I'm hurting myself or doing something that doesn't feel right for my body. It's the perfect workout and every class is something new. I highly highly suggest trying it out. Dino is my favorite instructor (he's the owner of the West Village location) but I haven't had a bad instructor yet!

Exhale Spa (Barre class) -- This has become a go-to because it's so close to work -- just a few blocks down! So it's really easy to pop out at 6 and be in time and ready for a 6:30 class. The locations for Exhale around the city have all been so so nice and the amenities are truly amazing, which I think is half of the appeal. I dread going to the barre because you know it's going to be tough but the class does push you and make you work. I get a heat in my thighs like I have never experienced before! The only thing I don't love about the classes is they start to get repetitive after too many times. As you can tell, I like when we change things up!

305 -- This was recommended to me by a friend and sadly is not on ClassPass but I still really am loving it (only two classes in!) 305 is a Miami dance class where you're jumping around and dancing in what feels like an underground club for 50 minutes. I like it because it doesn't feel like a workout but it is total cardio for the duration of the class. I want to keep going because the more you go the more you learn the dance moves and do better in class (I don't like not knowing what I'm doing lol). And I like it because it's FUN. Really fun. They also offer a 2-for-1 package for new people!

I'm definitely working out in preparation for the wedding but also to feel better about myself. I get super exhausted by end of week but I can already start to see great changes in my energy and body. I'm back to eating red meat and pork but I am still avoiding added sugars (with the exception of 1 item each week). I also ride my bike to and from work everyday... as long as it's not raining.

My plan is to continue with Barre3, ClassPass and 305 but also starting to get back into swimming in the winter. I know I really need to mix HIT into my routine and since I h-a-t-e running I feel like this can help. Later next year I'll probably pick up BBG again as the results were really great and something that I will want to have again!

I think the hardest thing about all of this is finding cute clothes to work out in and also finding time to add yet another thing to my plate. It is a lot! And you can see that working out has affected the blog -- which I am hoping to change. I just get so tired after I come home. But we are starting on the path to being better!

Also if you're interested in signing up for ClassPass -- you can use my $40 off your first month code! I don't work with them or get anything other than $40 off my next month as well. If you live in New York, that means it's just $5 for your first month! It's super easy to cancel too if you find it's just not for you.

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